pull back the curtains!

For the room box I've made a set of tassels or draw backs for the curtains.Researching how they are made up, I really wanted to make fringes just like the real thing. 

I've took some pictures to illustrate.

First I made a jig; drilled app. 25 holes, 1 mm apart, to hold pins. Depending on the length of the fringes I drilled a second line, in this case at 10mm distance.

Then I took a meter of the yarn I wanted to use. If you want it to twist on itself, you need to enhance the twist that's in it already. So I taped it secure behind the first pin and tied the other end onto a tooth pick. I set the tooth pick in my chuck of my drill... and turned it on. (check the way the yarn twists of course :) Keeping the yarn tight (but not too much) I added twists like mad in just a minute. 

Now the yarn could be placed around the pins. Keeping the yarn tight (if not it fringes up into a chaotic ball) I placed a pin on the bottom line and turned the yarn towards the top. At the top I added  an extra piece of yarn to form the core. The twisted yarn is overturned, a pin is placed and down it goes again. This way zig zagging till all the pins are placed. 

A tiny drop of glue is placed at the back of the pins, to secure the twisted yarn to the core thread.

When all is dry the bottom pins can be taken out and like magic the yarn twists on itself and to form fringes.

I've bashed up some beads I'd laying around. Cut 'm through and modeled the top. I added a matching sewing thread and glued that around the top. Using the necktie knot I'd made the loops that will draw back the curtain. I fed the two ends through the bead. Between the two ends coming out of the bottom I added a few extra strands and tied it firm. 

 I trimmed the strands just short of the fringes and glued those round the bottom of the bead.


  1. Hi Debora,
    They look wonderfull! And glad you showed how they where made. I will try it when I'm finally working on the curtains of my dollshouse.

  2. Well done Debora! I have done it in real life, but not in mini. I love the finished product.

  3. Thank you for showing us how you made the tassel. It is gorgeous.

    Just one other little thing though.... Now we all have your finger prints. LOL

  4. Fantastisch en heel toevallig heb ik een paar van deze klossen nodig....gisteren begonnen aan de gordijn bakken voor de woonkamer en voor het hemelbed. Bedankt voor je uitleg, maar moet het nog ff uitvogelen...dan is mijn engels net niet goed genoeg:)


  5. Oooh I like these! Thanks for showing us how you've done them. I will certainly have a go myself soon as just yesterday I was thinking I could use a few tassels on curtains and cabinets. I need a few smaller ones as well, that might get very fiddly with all of those pins.

  6. Thank for sharing Debra. I really admire the accuracy in your work...

  7. Thank you for sharing! This is very usefull! I've made tassels with other techniques but I wasn't really happy with the results. These look most wonderfull! I think I'll try this soon!

  8. me encantan. te han quedado muy bonito.

  9. Thank you for sharing, I like these so much.

  10. Glad it's of use, cos reading back it's sort of a crooked kind of explanation. Sab, als ik het volgende setje maak, zal ik aanvullende foto's maken. Die zeggen altijd veer meer, dan ik ooit kan uitleggen.
    Josje, could acupuncture needles do the trick? :)
    ps. Fooled you Catherine!! These are my washing up gloves with imprinted fingers XD

  11. Love the tassels Debora, and thanks for the explanation on how to make them, I am sure at some stage we will all need tassels somewhere. And your explanation makes perfect sense.

  12. Debora, These came out so incredible! Thank you for the instructions. I love how they turned out!

  13. This is fantastic! Thank you so much for the photos showing how it can be made. Well worth the effort, the tassels are amazing.


  14. Wonderfull!!!! Amazingly done! A joy to look at!

  15. Quedan preciosos y seguro que muy elegantes en nuestras casas. Gracias por compartirlo. Besos

  16. Gracia Eva, and everyone else. I hope it is of use and you can pull back your own curtains pretty soon :)


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