my lucky day

Today must be my lucky day. Among other things happening that make me so happy, I got a mail from Natalia. She's multi talented and besides her fine needlework she recently started a blog devoted to shoes. She opened it with a bang; the giveaway of these gorgeous shoes.

I never enter giveaways, but being a sucker for shoes, I could not resist these. There are só fine, só elegant and come with the loveliest embodied footstool. Wouldn't you just lóve to shrink and be able to place your bare foot on the stool while the other one gently slides along the gold trim and into these comfortable shoes?  I know I would, and believe it or not, I won the giveaway. Yhipppy! Today must be my lucky day :)

Thank you! Natalia


  1. Gefeliciteerd Debora, de schoenen en het krukje zijn inderdaad erg mooi!

  2. Congrats to your lovely gifts. I watch Natalia's work for quite some time and all her things are great ! Jeannette

  3. And it's not just the color (my favorite!) They are simply divine...tra-lala-la I'm so happy :D


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