Here's a winetable I have made earlier.

The center of the base is after a design by Harry W. Smith, but I made a free interpretation of the feet and the tabletop.

It was my first attempt on doing some fine inlaywork, after making a dollshouse for my mother-in-law. In the near future I'll come back on that and show you how that house turned out.
greetings and a nice weekend


  1. I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. You have been so clever at doing it. It is wonderful

  2. I totally agree with Rosanna, I love it!!! Your work is wonderful, congratualtions!!! We would love to see the house.

  3. My goodness, Debbie. This is just amazing work! I have been talking about marquetry dollhouse work and here is another masterpiece! How can this e your 1st time????lol. All my "first times" suck! Yours? They can go to a museum for the quality! I can't wait to see the whole house. Your MIL's carpet, I often thought about that one too

  4. I only can say WOOOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!! I'm impressed with your work, and I really looking forward to seeing the house that you have done ...


  5. Ja,deze kende ik al,prachtig stukje vakvrouwschap!!


  6. Thank you all for the lovely comments. I myself was quit pleased as well about how it turned out. But as you all may recognise, when you struggle for hours with the work under your nose, you see where you dropped a stich or two. That always boosts me to try again. Ofcourse my true first time with wood s#cked too, but I guess I was about ten or so then haha. Don't we all start off there??

  7. Wauw, elke keer ben ik weer onder de indruk! Dit is zó prachtig. Zou ik ook wel graag willen leren, dat inlegwerk.

    groetjes evelien

  8. He jakkes, typ ik net een antwoord, is het weer weg. Opnieuw dan:

    Je doet mij ook verbazen Evelien, want je trap is vast een heidense klus geweest. Ik weet hoe veel werk erin gaat zitten. Wat het inlegwerk betreft heb ik denk ik wel een goede tip voor je; voor maar 7 eurootjes:

    Er staat ontzettend veel in met uitgebreide uitleg en wel 300 fotoos (dat zegt vaak meer als 1000 woorden). Daar kun je echt heel veel uithalen, ik heb er ook heel veel aan (gehad)

  9. Wow - what stunning work! This is something I'd like to do someday. How did you learn to do it - did you take a class or read books on marquetry? I always tend to see only the mistakes on my own work, too, but I honestly can't see a thing amiss here. It's beautiful!


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