A blue room

Credit to Carol Wagner for the delicate white roses, and to my Mother In Law for the embroidered carpet. That one is really special to me and it's always a joy to take it out. Every time I do that I just sit there and admire it for a few minutes.

The table is one I've made quite a while ago. It doesn't really go with the scheme, but hey... it's the only one i've got right now :))

enjoy the little things in life,


  1. What a beautiful room! I think the table looks wonderful here...like a treasured antique to serve as a focal point in the room.

  2. Una habitación perfecta, tienes mucho arte Debora!
    Gracias por el tutorial de los "tassels", Pero hay algo que no entiendo el hilo final se hace con aguja?
    Un abrazo

  3. Your room is just beautiful!!! So is the mirror on the wall you carved. I also noticed the tassel tie-backs for those gorgeous curtians. How lovely... All of it! You have done such a magnificent job. :-)))

  4. Wow Debora, The room came out stunning! You have done such a fantastic job on it and your mirror looks so wonderful in it!!!! Love the table! The curtains look great with your wonderful tassels! It really will be the perfect setting for your creations. Your Mother-in-law did a brilliant job on the rug. I can see why you treasure it!

  5. It has become beautiful.
    The mirror is also good.
    The curtains are beautiful with your bobbins on it.
    A feast for the eyes.

    Regards, Alexandra.

  6. What a wonderful room,perfect for your mirror ! And in the first picture I can see how beautiful the carpet is embroidered of your mother in law. All together a magnificent work !!! Jeannette

  7. Beautiful room! Love the colour scheme. I noticed the give away you won matches it so well, it was meant for this room.
    You have done a fantastic job on the curtains! I often find that the curtains look clumsy as you have to make them look as if gravity is making them hang, which is difficult.
    I hope we will get to see a lot of this room, which would mean you have made lots of beautiful pieces to show us ;)

  8. Debora, you are master ♥ I admire your gorgeous work!

  9. The room is wonderful, a beautiful rug never fails to add atmosphere to a room, love the mirror on the wall, now I wonder what you are going to make to put under it, the table you had in Castine would have looked wonderful with it, but I think you sold that one.

  10. Debbie, it's wonderful. It has such a soothing, serene mood, I truly love it. The colour is one of my favourite and the curtains are perfect. Rosanna

  11. Wat een sfeer Debora, geweldig. Gordijnen zijn perfect, de spiegel is een kunststuk. De hele kamer is stijlvol.

    groet Heleni

  12. What a charming room.
    You should have kept the carved "console", it would have been just perfect under the mirror ;-)

  13. Absolutely beautiful! It is stunning.

  14. Prachtig!
    Je spiegel komt er ook heel mooi in uit en ja, blauw is nou eenmaal mijn kleur dus dat kan dan al helemaal niet meer stuk.
    Het kleed is ook heel mooi, zo fijntjes.
    groetjes Sylvia

  15. Nu begrijp ik waar die draadjes voor waren die ik op je fototoestel zag. Ik sta weer versteld.
    Groeten Nolda

  16. Your room is wonderfull, love the colours!
    The only thing missing in the room are those gorgeous shoes you've recently got.....they're perfect for this room!
    Thanks for shareing!

  17. This curtains are perfect! Your work is just amazing !

  18. After seeing this room, change my perspective in miniature ...
    Everything is perfect, without ostentation or fiction ...
    Art at its purest. The carpet is absolutely fabulous...
    I love everything :-)

  19. It's a beautiful room - so lifelike and the curtains are set off by your little tie backs.

  20. @ Rosamargerita, I apologize & I promise to make more pictures of the process. Reading back the explanation runs a little short.

    @ Josje, you will definitely see more of this room :)) Cos it's not only a blue room... but way more :o

    @ Elga, you are só right. This whole concept was meant for that table. But maybe a lot of you shall recognize; I was battling the deadline for Castine and the table was priority number 1. If I could finish the walls too,before leaving that would have been great. Unfortunately I didn't and quickly made some plain walls with the floor to shoot some pics. I agree with you, this setting would do that table justice.

  21. Debora, I really thought it was 1:1 at first glance, it´s beautiful!
    Love, Susanne

  22. WAUW!!! Is alles wat ik kan uitbrengen:))))))


  23. Very beautiful, love the colors! I can see that you have done a perfect job with the pattern on the wallpaper.


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