Time for Change

Hi y'all,

As you probably have guessed this blog has had a make over. The old template was bugging me more and more, so I decided for a radical change.

Some items and gadgets didn't survive the clean out. Others were added. For instance additional pages at the top, and pictures can now be placed bigger then before. In the coarse of time you can expect more new items to appear, cos I feel this is just the start.

Gotta test if things work or not for you. Hope you like it, but if you have any suggestions or feedback, please do leave a response. I'm no wizz-kid with stuff like this and only if you do, I can take it all on board and make this page work.


  1. It looks GREAT! I wish I had the guts to fiddle around with mine.

  2. I, like Catherine, am too much afraid of touching anything wrong and losing everything. I simply do not have guts.
    The new look is very crisp and fresh, I like it very indeed indeed. Rosanna

  3. I'm no hero either :S Whaha,,, It was a bit scary i can tell ya. Cos you can't go back (at least I couldn't. My old template was a dinosaur that blogger no longer supports)

    But I had a test blog. You can make several blogs when you log into your account. That way you could test out some templates. Just copied some posts from the original blog into the new to see.

    Your right Rosanna, it does look fresh. Fresh & cool... (brrr, blue looks cold :) ) Crisp is good?

  4. Debora, I like the new color too, just like making changes. I've changed the look of my blog several times and still not satisfied, will keep experimenting. For me it looks calm and relaxing.

  5. Mooie kleur blauw, overzichtelijk en duidelijk leesbaar.

  6. It looks just fine, and yes crisp is good :)

    I see your header is featuring my favourite teddy swing, and that beautiful floor - and that's good too!

  7. You're right Natalia, change can de fun. Hope you'll find the most satisfactory design one day.
    Thanks Maria, leesbaar & rustig was oa het doel :)
    Norma, glad you like the header, are you a kid at heart? I know I'm :D hence the swing

  8. Ziet er gelikt uit Deb. Petje af. gr theo


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