On September 23, 2011, at 11,05am (UTC +2) autumn will begin on the Northern hemisphere. At that moment the sun will be positioned right above the equator meaning day and night will be equal length all over the globe. From then on daylight will decrease here...


  1. What a great image to demonstrate that fact.

  2. Funny that, our daylight is going to increase now! :-) A beautiful picture and I loved the pictures in your posting before this. They make me a bit homesick (if that's at all possible after more than 30 years....) Great pictures Debora. We seem to love the same things: nature and miniatures.

  3. Debora, congratulations on winning my giveaway. Please, contact me at scarletsails@live.com. Natalia

  4. Funny thing, my days are getting longer too :-), congratulations on winning Natalia's shoes, we are planning on being roommates at Castine next year after she won a scholarship. I hope you are coming again next year too, we had so little time to chat this year.

  5. Aaah! Natalia!! Your joking no? Is it real!? WOW!! Im gonna mail in a sec ok?YHIPPY tra-la-la-la-la (I'm doing a little dance now :)))

    As or the posting; I know half the globe will have an increase, like for you, Elga and Marion. That's what I like about it. For just a brief moment in time we will all have equal daylight (and night). Tell me Marion, Is't it strange, since you grew up above the equator, to have a christmas tree up in summer? The seasons are swapped, i think that so funny hahaha.

    In twenty minutes the moment will come...
    enjoy the weekend!
    Mine will be awesome, a new pair of shoes !!!


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