Dam till Dam walk

Last weekend I've walked the annual walk called Dam till Dam. It's from the Dam Square in the centre of Amsterdam till the Dam Square in the centre of Zaanstad. I did the 18 kilometers (11 miles) to raise money for The World Food Program.

 Through the Jordaan, a picturesque neigbourhood in the old city centre of Amsterdam.
With it's canals, 

 vertical pavement gardens, 

and small café's scattered on almost every corner.

 The new Bus Station behind Central Station (railroad).

A lonely rosebud.

 The action.

The Result.

... and The Finish.


  1. First...congratulations on walking that entire 11 miles!!!

    What gorgeous photos! How I would love to see those cities. But.....OMG! That last huge building is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. It is just fantastic!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing all of this. CatherineXXX

  2. Thanks Catherine. The world is scattered with so many beautiful places. I wish I could travel the States one day too! If you wanna see more of this building;


    Hope you like it

  3. I like to walk more than running. I would do it too. What an amazing building it is on the last photo - just a piece of art!

  4. I love walking. And this is for a very good cause, so well done. I walked in Rotterdam once to raise money for the same cause.

  5. Natalia, the building is quit controversial, people either like it or seem to hate it. You obviously like it, and so do I. Whatever people think of it, It makes a statement, makes you think. That's something i like in the public spaces
    Thanks Josje. If you walk in Rotterdam, it's is half the Marathon no? If so, well done to you too!

  6. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos! Wonderful places! I hope to visit one day!
    Congratulations on your strength ... 18 km are many, but these were made for a good cause and that is good!
    greetings from Italy

  7. It looks like the perfect place to walk.I can`t belive the houses on the last photo he he, makes you look twice!

  8. I will walk that 11 miles everyday just to see all these wonderful sights. Thank you for sharing, Debs. And that last picture, my eyes went very wide wondering if there can be houses built like that. Like Catherine said, it's just the most amazing thing.


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