autumn colors

I love these specific autumn colors and the rapid speed at which they seem to appear. I always thought that the difference in day- and night temperatures set this in motion. Taking pictures I spotted the "shadow" of overlapping leaves in the color change of the Virginia Creeper. Could it that light has something to do with it...?
Hmm, nature keeps me wondering and being amazed : )


  1. In het licht is het warmer dan in de schaduw, dus het zou nog steeds met temperatuurverschillen te maken hebben. Ik vond een aardig artikel hierover op :

    met dit stukje erin: Opmerkelijk is dat rode kleur heel vaak ontstaat als reactie
    op stress, dus bijvoorbeeld bij te hoge zoutconcentratie in
    de grond, of bij verwonding. Andere stressfactoren die een rol kunnen spelen zijn: afnemende daglengte bij een nog relatief hoge lichtintensiteit (in schaduw geen anthocyaanvorming),
    schrale wind, droogte (waardor hoge suikerconcentratie in het ingedikte celsap ontstaat), lage temperaturen en grote verschillen tussen dag- en nachttemperaturen.

  2. Debora, The colors are so vibrant! Really beautiful! We miss most of that beauty here in California, unlike the East Coast! Great photos!

  3. Thanks Josje. That's a great article. It seems that varied factors are responsible for this phenomena, besides just temperature differences. Would be, otherwise this would manifest itself also in summer or spring haha.

    Indeed, Patty; it even refers to the beauty of Indian Summers at the East Coast. But I am sure that California has other qualities that they must lack over there. Gentle winters? Or.. What is California best known for when it comes to climate or nature ??

  4. It is a pleasure to return to enter in your blog.
    After a period of time, away from the minis, again with renewed hopes.
    A greeting, Carmen kisses

  5. Beautiful photos! I love the colours of autumn, especially the red ones.

  6. Debora, We have so many wonderful things in California! Mild winters, some color, Giant Redwoods that are amazing! I have read that the only other place on earth that has them is Majorca which shares the same latitude as Norther California. San Francisco just 45 minutes away from me! Great beaches 25 minutes away...etc. The Sierra's and mountains! Big Sur and see, I can go on and on LOL. It really is an ideal place. The weather is what spoils you the most on the West Coast!


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