Fall... Some say fall is a sad season, for temperatures are dropping and there is lesser and less sun. Instead you can count on windy rainfall and shorter days. All because nature is shutting down and preparing for winter. But it's also a time of abundance, a time to harvest what nature has brought during summer. A time to collect and to feast the rich crops that make for a carefree time. It's that richness that will take you through the winter. That is if winter doesn't last too long.

It's this time of year right now, and I enjoy the rapid changes I can see in our own little piece of nature we call garden. To see the bright colors of flowers fade out into the earthy tones of leaves.

It's where i found this little creature. It's a brown hawker, a type of dragonfly and very common around here. When they are buzzing like little helicopters and land beside the pond, they are a joy to watch. I've often tried to photograph them, but if i get too close they take off like a rescue squad on a mission. They lay their eggs in ponds and that's how they hibernate.The adults... simply die.

I am glad i'd found it and to been given the opportunity to get a closer look and appreciate it's beauty. An intricate little creature with magnificent wings.


  1. Debora, Stunning photographs. Nature is so amazing! I just heard on the news that dragonfly's eat mosquito's.....I didn't know that!....CNN's Anderson Cooper was doing a story on New Orleans and the aftermath of Katrina and said that the mosquito's were unbearable but, over 1 million dragonfly's had descended on the area and they were taking care of the problem. That little bit of news fascinated me!! How did they know to come?

  2. Wauw, that's a great story Patty. I knew they are real hunters and killers, but how they knew to get over there for the mosquito's...? amazing... . But it doesn't surprise me : ) Great that those things are shown on tv; captivating!


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