getting good at basketball

Still working on the side table... I didn't have a design for the skirting of the table, but I thought that putting on the cladding would get me going and give me some idea's... sad to say; it hasn't so far. So... no inspiration and thus not much progress. But I've done some.

The marble top isn't quite symetrical, so i had to pay attention for every curve in the wooden top to make it fit.

I intended to use vineer to clad the sides of the curves in the wooden tabletop. Unfortunatly that didn't work out so I had to come up with an other sollution.

I used little pieces of solid mahogany and filed it into shape to fit the curves of the top. So no bending desired. The advantage of this is the thickness of the wood; it gives me more then enough flesh to carve the skirting.

I have been drawing and sketching for a week now... turning the piece in my hands hoping to get into some sort of flow.... but I'm trowing the paper balls in the bin at the same speed :-) I'm increasing the distance every day and i'm still scoring!


  1. It is looking very nice.

    When I get stuck for inspiring details to help me with a design I often do an internet image search. That saves immense amounts of time as you only see the photos, no text.

    Try these keywords for your search.
    "ancien marbre demilune"
    or instead of demilune try the word console.
    Using the words in French language helps narrow the search results.

  2. Thanks Karin, that's a very good idea. I've searched already for numerous times... I used french and english words... serpentine, commode, console, sidetable, demilune, table de toilette, table a ecrire, rocaille, bombé, etc...

    I'm REALLY stuck... Aargh, but it will come, I know :-)))

  3. Va a quedar perfecto el trabajo.
    Me encanta.

  4. La inspiración te llegará aunque no la busques. A veces se nos seca la cabeza :(
    El trabajo que has hecho hasta ahora está muy profeional. Para mí imposible trabajar así la madera. Enhorabuena.
    Besos Clara

  5. I only see benefits in this problem: your table is going to become a masterpiece and you become a Micheal Jordan while working on it ;)

  6. When I am stuck, I do a "mock-up" in easily worked materials, so it can be done over and over in a quick rough way... no perfection and no damage to the real one... that way I can discard the bad ideas quickly! Good luck! I am sure it will come to you. What you have done so far is magnificent!

  7. Well it seems you have discovered another talent in the process...;)
    The table is looking good so far, I love how you keep finding solutions to problems, that is true creativity. You will come up with a design for the skirting as well, I'm sure.

  8. Hahaha, thanks for all your comments, they made me laugh. Never thought that getting into mini's would give you the circumstance to gain some of Michal Jordan's skills LOL.

    It's the positive way of looking at it haha

  9. Even though you just see the imperfections of your work I'm always in awe over your woodworking skills! I have been away for a while and have really enjoyed coming back to your blog and study all the beautiful and neat details of your work, be it your barley twist stands, your lion claws and serpentine legs or your beautiful photographs of dragonflies and leaves.
    You are truly a gifted artist in so many ways, (and now also basketball!) and I'm confident the marble side table when it's finished will be another stunning piece of art to add to your wonderful collection of selfmade miniatures.

  10. Hi Debora. Heads up. The legs for your table is marvelous so I really understand your frustration not to get the right feeling for the tabletop.

  11. Wat maak jij een mooie dingen zeg. Ik ben ook erg onder de indruk van het houtwerk dat je maakt. Zo te zien ben je erg allround. Het is in ieder geval een plezier om rond te kijken.

  12. i Deborah, just wondering how your table is going, what you have done so far is fantastic. Hope it is going well and you haven't taken up basketball instead, hehe.

  13. I can't believe your skill and patience. Such fine woodwork in miniature is beautiful, I'm sure the solution to the design problem will arrive :) I usually do my best thinking in the shower :)

    From your previous post - have you ever thought of mimicking a dragonfly's wing in bobbin lace? It would make a fabulous leaded glass window design.

  14. Yes Glenda, the idea has come to mind :-) I've made some lace butterfly's by designs from Ulrike Löhr. She's also done some great designs on other insects besides butterfly's, but they are a BIG job to take on.

    For the wings she uses all sort of "random" twists and turn... not random of course but at least the outcome gave that look. She developed several looks... to simulate the different type of wings you can come across.

    It looked so cool i made some test pieces with just the filling, just to see what a complete filled surface would look like;

    I haven't yet come round to integrate it into a dollhouse project. Like you said a stained glass door or window would be a just the right idea. Why don't yóu give it a try? And i will try the showers .... (smile)

  15. Va a quedar un trabajo estupendo. Tengo ganas de verlo acabado.

  16. excusa, no he terminado, Más difícil de lo que parece. Cuando esté terminado, hay fotografías, prometió
    Feliz Navidad y saludo!!

  17. Hello,
    I've just found your blog and it's AMAZING! Your works are beautiful and so detailed! Congratulations! I'm sure I will be returning guest here.


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