I was cooking up some wood to make a sled, and I am pleased to say it is ready. I was inspired by cartoonist Bill Watterson, the creator of Collin and Hobbes. What more fun could you have than going downhill and race with your friends!?

Way too early as the snow is still a few weeks away... in the meantime I stored the sled in the spare bedroom.

This sled is looking like a winner; I think it has the potential to go realy fast! And as Evelien has promised a hot cup of choco to the winner I feel I'am up for it! Although way too early, I'am fully prepared with this racemonstor haha.

I'am ready for it!
Who deares to take me on!?


  1. The sled is wonderful! You're really gifted!
    I love Calvin and Hobbes and their downhill sled rides and hope to see pictures with your sled when the snow comes :-)
    First, when I saw it in the spare bedroom, I thought it was lifesize, because everything there looked so real!

  2. I LOVE Calvin and Hobbes...and oh my goodness your sled is amazing, truly life-like! =D

  3. FAVOLOSA !!!!! I love your work !!! you are great.

  4. This is an absolutely beautiful sledge! What gorgeous lines and finish. I bet it will go fast and beat mine. The one I'm making (not finished yet) is a copy of my husbands childhood sledge, very plain and simple though. We will race down the dikes when snow arrives ;-)

  5. Pubdoll, your the first to see the pics haha. Thanks for you nice words, saying you were fooled is the biggest compliment I can think of. Thanks!

    DIsarmywife, praise Bill Watterson for having created these two caracters and letting us thus have an insight into their friendship, foolishness and fantasie! And thanks you very much, pleased you like it.

    Rosanna, thanks for your kind words. Me and Google don't know what flavolosa means but the five exclamationmarks are international.

    Josje, plain and simple design is often the best. You want to bet but I am not so sure anymore... Ouch, I hate this kind of pshycological warfare LOL Let us just have fun!! I can't wait to see your version. Hope your husband has fond memories about it. And still in use?

    Bye! Deb

  6. Hi Deb!
    SO glad you visited my blog so I could find yours!
    The sled is amazing! I sat here with my mouth hanging open just looking at it! How in the world did you make all of those beautiful curves?! The finish is gorgeous too!
    All I can say is "WOW!" and click on "FOLLOW THIS BLOG!"

  7. I cant believe somebody could do something soooo wonderful, it's a masterpiece!!What kind of wood did you use??

  8. Firstly, thank you for following my blog :). You are right, this sleigh is outstanding and no, I won't take you on as this one is a winner..maybe just a joy ride? lol!

  9. Thank you! Begoña. In answer to your question: the wood is beech, as the origanal one (the one up in our attic) is also made out of beechwood.

    It's not my second nature to follow Sans. I just bookamrk all the sites I love. But I have to kick that habbit and use this function here ;-)
    When snow falls I'll be waiting for you haha I'll sit behind, okay?

  10. Thanks Kathi. Steaming the wood and letting it dry in the desired radious is the way to make curves. Nothing magical, just rummbling around your stack of jars, bottlecaps and have you not to find the right size :-)Taping the soft wood to it and letting dy for at least a day or so.

  11. Gracias por tu comentario.
    Me encanta la escena y ¡AMO! a calvin y hobbes.

  12. Hi Debora! I have an award for you in my blog!:)

  13. Thanks Victoria! I'll pick it up. In the meantime I have to run with my daughter to get in time to the orthodontist.

    Graci Virginia! Calvin y Hobbes reinado

  14. Hi Debora, another award for you...It's not our fault if your blog makes us dream . I hope your daughter was fine with the orthodontist Have a nice day Rosanna PS favolosa means fabulous

  15. Rosanna, Thanks for your kind words, I dream too when I see what other people make. Some have so much fantasie!! Mindboggeling at times. Hurray for the internet!

    And thanks for the explanation, Google doesn't know slang Spanisch!? Our Daughter was okay, next appointment in 6 weeks. That is an ongoing thing...


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