I was creating a blog about the award that Victoria had given me a few days ago. Internet has made the world so small; she lives in Russia but her lovely blog is just one mouseclick away; go check her out!

As I sat myself behind the peecee I discovered that Rosanna also gave me the same award. Again a lovely blog dedicated to the smaller things in live that makes us all smile. Thanks to you both!

But to my surprise the whole function of uploading pictures has disapeared from my account. Eversince I started at blogger all sorts of functions have graduely disappeared, and this is the latest rock that has fallen from the wall... So without the award visualised (sorry)I'll continue;

The rules are
1. Show the image of the award, and state rules
2. Post the link of the person that gave you the prize.
3. Display 10 blogs to which you grant the award.
4. Advise the blogs listed

Rule number one I've partialy failed (hahaha...) but here comes rule number three and four:

1 Evelien, because she makes her house from scratch and dares to try with great results.
2 Janette. What's a (dolls-) house whitout a garden or, for that same matter, plants in the windowsill? Her creations give that sence of life.
3 Helene where a fresh or should i say contemoprary wind blows.
4 Fairchildart. Everyone who can handle Fimo is an artist to me. But I would call her a magician for the level of realism she reaches.
5 Karin Corbin. All i can say is Detail, with a capital D
6 After dark miniatures. A bow for an nother fimoartist.
7 George the Miniguy. I give him credit for all he has done.
8 Sylvia She's accompleshed so much in the short space of time that she's at it. Her attic is one of my favorites.
9 Nell Corkin. Amzing level of execution of gourgeous ideas.
10 Texas Belle. Follow her creation of an unique Manorhouse in reallife.

Oeps, ten already... And there are só many more I would like to mention!! Silly rules ;-) But there you have it.

Due to the prombles that I am faced with, here at Blogger, i have to leave my workbench. And there are a nice pair of old-fashion ice skates on there, almost ready to show to you. Sad to say that I have to dive into the world of computers. The weird world of Blogger... and I can't say that I love the prospect... and fear the outcome... Any one any tips maybe...?


  1. Dank je wel voor de Award met begeleidende lieve woorden.
    Groetjes Sylvia

  2. Thank you so much Debora! So nice of you, and I'm very honoured!

  3. I had problems with uploading pictures too. Luckily for me I found out on google that it had to do with my service provider and all I needed was to change the settings of my proxy server. The other thing you must try is to clear your cache. It worked for me a few times. Now that I stopped blogging for a while, all the functions are back again.

  4. Sans, aint it weird that stopping with blogging and starting, back after a wile, does solve some problems...? Google updates to frequently different kinds of settings but they don't seem to work the same under Mozzila, or Explorer or... I cleared my cache, cookies and what have you... Not with the desired effect though.... other then a dustfree inside LOL. FAQ helped a bit, but I am still working on it.

    I left the problem for now, since a bussy weekend is waiting for us. Maybe monday will bring some relief? (As some rest did it for you that will be our last attempt)

  5. The award fever has come back again to the miniatures blogs and there's an award for you on my blog, you can come in and pick it up!


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