slow cooking

It has been a bit quiet here but the reason for that is that there were all kinds of things on the stove (in many many ways).

First of all I started to carve some bobbins again. On my first attempt (spring 2008) I used the lathe, but I was not skilled enough to use the softwood that I had on hand. Carving as an alternative did the job, so this time I am trying to put a little more detail in them (the little knob at the end). Don't know where to use them for although i have some rough ideas... 40 odd more to go!

Secondly I came across this large batch of dollshouse magazines. It is called The Scale Cabinetmaker and was published from the mid seventies till 1996. Despite the age it is anything but outdated. What a great find!!! Next week I hope to recieve a second batch and that -for sure- will keep me occupied till spring. So when I am not here; you can find me on the couch, our cat all curled up on my lap, a nice cup of tea and a big stack at my feet :)

the scale cabinetmaker

Also on the stove was a pan of water to steam up some wood. As we speak the pieces are drying in their specific molds. When finished they will've become part of a sled. (what more fun is there then to rush down the hill with the cold wind in your hair!? And as winter is fast approaching up here, speed is of the essence. You'll never know when the first snow may come)

And finaly the thing that I am most chuffed about; my application for a scolarship at The Guild School has been awarded. This has realy been simmering on the stove as the first idea to try and applicate arouse about a year ago. I was too late to aply back then, but that way I had some time to think about it. Josje kicked me in the butt to set aside my doubts, and I can only thank her for it. The application was quite a task, so before my doubt could rise again i'd put it through the mail.

application IGMA

What a relief! Out of my system and out of my hands. Untill last week that is, because there was this mail with the good news! Jhippy! This opportunity to meet students and teachers alike is one I could only dream about. And now, now it's going to happen. Spoiled for choice to learn new things and to meet new people, I am eager to make the most of it! Scheduled in june 2010 I can only say; slow cooking makes lovely cooking.


  1. Que madera Utiliza para el torno?
    Felicidades por el hallazgo de las revistas, seuro que Encontrara muchas cosas para poder reproducir.

  2. Fantastic news!!! what shall I say? you certainly deserve it and I feel a wee bit of envy...bad feeling I know but I much happier for you. The mags must be addicting!

  3. First of all: you're very, very welcome Debby, and again my congratulations! Secondly: you'll never guess what was cooking on my stove about coincidence!! Yes, the runners for a sledge.... Too funny!

    I am also jealous of you Debby, where did you find those magazines?? I bid for a whole lot of them a few years ago, but unfortunately didn't get them. I can soooo see that picture...curled up on the couch, nice cup of tea and completely engrossed in those magazines!

  4. Menudas manos tienes para trabajar con la madera.

  5. I've never heard about this mag! Wow, thank you for the great link, can't wait to order it!

  6. Dora, The wood on the lathe was ordinary limewood. That grain is just not fine and hard enough to take the lateral strain of turning. Applying gentle counterpresure helps neutralize some and prevents breaking, but you have to be rather skilled to do that. (and have some nice hardwood ofcourse)I can't, i just turn plain knobs, spindles and dowels.

    I have seen some marvellous turned bobbins though, done by Alan waters and bought by Josje gourgeous!!

    Rosanna; Thanks! I feel a bit timid to get this oppertunity but also proud to have reached this stage.

    Josje; Sleds are in the air :D, I guess? Curiuos to see your design. =than we can race eachother =WHOEI= down the hill!!
    And these magazines; maybe I've bought the stack that you missed out on? Youre right; they are great; what an inspiration, my mind is boggling...

    Virginia; Maybe good eyesight is even more important then the size of your hands... But what does "besujis" mean??

    Victoria; I think it was -or still is- a bit unknown in Europa. That's why it's so cool they are rereleasing them. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

  7. Wow Debby, what an opportunity and you sooooooo deserve it! What did you send in for the application?? (I'm just a bit curious ;) )

    And what is in store for you now you are in the Guild school?

    When you and Josje go Whoesh with your sledges I will see to judging who will win haha. Price: a big cup of hot chocolate ;)


  8. Wauw!!! Wat gaaf en goed gedaan Debby!!!
    Geweldig dat je aangenomen bent en groot gelijk,je ben echt zo goed!

    Van Harte Gefeliciteerd!!!

    Zo en nu het andere werk,klosjes zijn ook super! Ik heb ook al van alles geveild en kocktailprikkers zijn mijn favoriet om mee te werken(satéprikers en eetstokjes doen het ook aardig). Laatst nog maatshepjes en een paal voor een biebliotheek trapje gemaakt.

    Ik wens je veel succes met alles!


  9. Evelien; LOL! Voor een grote kop choco gaat ik zeker mijn best > WOESH < doen!
    Voor een toetsing zijn een ingevuld vragenformulier en maximaal 10 foto's van je werk nodig. Tot slot worden er (max. 3) aanbevelingen gevraagd. Het hele setje stuur je dan in 6-voud op, en dat was dat bruine pakje op de foto.

    Sabiha, Ja, gaaf hè? Ben zo blij. Dank je wel!
    Cocktailprikkers zijn geweldig én ze kosten bijna niks. Maar eetstokjes en satepr. zijn vaak van bamboe. Dat is zo hard; knap dat je dat kan snijden!!

  10. What lovely work you're doing. I can't wait to see how the sled turns out! How lucky you are to have the Scale Cabinetmaker magazines. I have several of the books and have been looking around for the magazines for a while now with no luck. I'm glad to know there are still some out there. Congratulations on your Guild School scholarship!

  11. Thanks Texas Belle. You know what's fun too?? Opening the molds when the wood has dried! You always have to overbend it a bit because of the internal tension of the wood, but was it enough...? that's the question!

    It seems to be that the magazines had a limited audience at that time, although that sounds a bit strange to me. Never ever have I found só much information, all specificly aimed on the miniaturists, ranging from the use of powertools and tips on making your own jigs through to the essence of what makes a good design, and evrything inbetween (in one magazine!).

    I guess it came out too early...maybe? And only in the States? Due to the internet I suppose its market would have been bigger nowadays. I am just guessing... (I am still only halfway through the pile, mabe the last edition will reveale why it stopped?) fortunatly they've started republishing on CD, and I hope that they will do so with many more to come! So all that info is accessible and available for anyone who wants to.

  12. Oh wow. I always wondered how miniature wood was shaped and now i know. I tried to carve a curve in a chair recently and wish i had known this trick.
    I should have known because i watched a tv show on making traditional ski's and they too steamed the wood first.
    Congratulations on your guild award too!
    Nikki xxx

  13. Eerst nog gefeliciteerd dat je aangenomen bent voor the Quild school.
    Je maakt veel mooiere en fijnere werkjes. De kantklossen werkje vind ik prachtig om naar te kijken. Mijn complimenten.

    Groetjes Lisette

  14. Nikki, now you know ;-) As long as you soften it up enough (by steaming) and then let it dry trough and through (24 hours or more) you'll be okay.

    Lisette, ook hier! wat leuk, ga je hier ook stukjes plaatsen? Je bent toch Engelse van origine, of heb ik het verkeerd? En dankjewel voor je lieve woorden, ik ben ook heeeel erg blij met het vooruitzicht om weer naar school te mogen gaan.


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