I've not been at the bench much lately cos last month I've traveled to Alberta, Canada to visit my dear friend Gerry. And it was all and way more than I could have imagined! 

I took over 1.300 photo's. To give y'all an impression of this inspiring trip I naturally had to cut that number down a bit. ;) So here we go;

First of all Alberta is known for it's oil. So lots of donkey pomps :) The capital and biggest city around is Edmonton and it was lovely to discover its past & present and that of its surrounding area.

Straight away something amazing happened... You have to know one of the things that has been on my bucket list for half my life was to see the Northern lights or Aurora Borealis. So going to Canada I'd enrolled this website called Aurora Watch, to get notifications when solar activity gets so great, chances to see the aurora in the area go beyond 70%. And guess what?!

Second evening I got a mail! So spend that night gobsmacked... Lying outdoors on my back, mesmerized by colored curtains of light hanging from the sky. Getting brighter and then dimming. And all that time, moving and dancing like waves washing ashore. It was so surreal, amazing... so much better then I'd ever could imagine!

I've tried to take photo's but at one point I just stopped. It took away from the experience that lasted till 3 am? Then it slowly died out... What an extraordinary spectacle. We saw it again, a week later, above lake Louise, where we spend the night as we toured the Rockies. 

And those were just as breathtaking...

White tail dear casually grazing alongside a cliff

Humbling scenery and wherever you looked... so pretty

Forgive me for saying, but everything seemed so big. And then I'm not just talking bout the mountains :)

But seriously... we stayed at fantastic places, encountered nothing but kindness & hospitality and again, the vista's and nature was just out of this world...

I mean, check the size of that couple walking down the road...
(remember, I come from The Netherlands, a country that's as flat as a pancake :))

There was still some snow but the first lakes and rivers were starting to defrost, showing their famous blue-green turquoise color.

The places scattered in the Rockies are sparse. Yet, some of the ones that are there, have hotels from the days when travel was done with grandeur and in style. These are scenes from Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. Luckily for us, living today, they cherish their past & legacy.  It gave us the joy to experience the scenery they're set in as comfortable as generations gone by have done. 

But the best and most astonishing of all was nature itself...

In all the little detail,

And as a whole.

It was hard to select pictures; this is just the tip. There were museums, climbing mountains, architecturally interesting buildings, hot springs, good food... and the list goes on... It was a memorable trip. But it was made extraordinary by all the kind and caring people I got to meet. I wish there was some way of showing my gratitude for all the warm welcomes I was greeted with over and over again. Thank you all!


  1. Beautiful pictures and I fully understand it was overwhelming, seeing these people like train scale mini's next to the mountains! Nice to see your face again and glad you had a really good time over there! Now, there is the pre fun, the actual fun and the after fun. Enjoy the after fun while it still is fresh in your memory, and thanks for sharing!

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  3. So well said Gee! The pre fun, the actual fun and the after fun! :D

  4. I've been to a different part of Canada but I just loved it too! People are always nice and welcoming, places always clean and beautiful. LOVED IT! I only hope I can go back many more times!

  5. Oh, and you are a fantastic photographer. Wonderful pictures!!!

  6. Debora, I've lived in Canada all my life, but I have yet to visit Alberta, living on the east coast of the country. Your photos are breathtaking. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Beautiful pictures, sounds like a great trip/vacation---

  8. Hi Debora! As Wanda has stated above, I live on the West coast of Canada and have visited Alberta twice in my life but I had no idea that it was so Beautiful either! The Aurora Borealis must have been Mesmerizing!!! I have never seen one in person before but your photos are Breath-taking and I would have laid on my back just as you did, and just watched .... simply AWESOME!


  9. Precioso viaje y preciosas fotos!!!

  10. Fabulous photos. Thank you for sharing the memories of your trip =0)

  11. Debora, wij zijn een paar jaar geleden in Canada geweest, inderdaad overweldigd, groot en zo mooi.
    Er zijn geen woorden voor, bedankt voor deze impressie.
    Gr. Thea

  12. What an amazing holiday you must've had. Thanks for showing your photos - they are really awe-inspiring. I always find that even though I take thousands of photos, when I look back through them, searching for photos of something I saw, I never have enough.

  13. Gorgeous pictures, thank you for sharing. I'm glad you had a happy vacation.

  14. Hi Debora,
    What a wonderfull holiday you've had along with your company to show you around.
    The pictures are stunning. And yes we do live in a tiny and flat country.....but also great in many ways ;-)

  15. Thank you all for your comments. It was a lovely journey and just had to share it! Wish everybody gets the chance to travel and discover new places like these

  16. I think your gratitude shows in such positive comments. Hopefully your experiences with the people of this fine country were as positive as those with our vast and varied natural landscapes. I hope you get the chance to come back another time and see some of the other ones in Alberta as well as other provinces (keeping in mind that various parts of the provinces are greatly different from others within the same province, if not for natural changes in things like mountain ranges or great bodies of water just for the fact that the country is so grand in square kilometer, you have only to keep on travelling a bit longer to get another facet of nature...) That all being said, I've always wanted to travel overseas...hopefully a spirit of neighbourlyness is at the heart..Great blog (don't be discouraged at those who decline any of your mini 'challenges'...sometimes although they may not make that item, your techniques and research may be applicable to another item or even medium! EVEN if it's just a reader enjoying knowing how you've made your wonderful little items, that can inspire a shift in how people think and understand the items and spaces that surround them. Shifting ANYONE's thought process in any way is a great achievement and should not be made out to be any small nor insignificant thing whatsoever! Cheers,

    1. Thank you Mister or Misses Unknown. For your eloquent and intelligent respons, and for the positivity that speaks from it. It's very much appreciated.
      In response; I'm definitely planning on coming back! And I hope, that if you do have the chance to visit Europe or Holland, you'll be greeted with same hospitality.


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