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Warning! If you don't like death, do NOT read further

Our home looked like a Zoo at some times. Babyanimals grew up, lived their lives and died. Some cats till the age of nineteen. Now only one cat remains. 17 Years old, stiff till noon and as deaf as a post. But well off, considering his condition. Above all, if you see what he brought home today...

A young sparrow. Shocking in some way, but I've read that it's a act of love. To share the food that has been cought is a cat's way to show they consider you one of the family.

I had a good look at the poor bird, and it's amazing how beautifull they're build up. Tinny paws on even thinner legs. Ooh, how brittle they are! Thank God our garden is packed with sparrows this year. I rather see them alive than like this.


  1. Don't think of me as a morbid person. But this opportunity to get a real close-up look of these funny birds could not be wasted.

  2. It is a poignant picture, very well taken, Debbie and I think you have given us the other perspective to what death can bring. Why feel irksome when we ourselves kill for our food? :) Thank you.

  3. Thanks Sans, for your understanding ;-) I sometimes feel that without death there would be no life. Love to celebrate the (miniature-) life that can be found close by (ie our garden or the beach)


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