The 'Michelangelo' of wood carving

If you're interested in wood carving you might want to watch this video. It's an episode of a wonderful documentary series called 'Carved with Love, that was a part of 'Handmade in Britain'.  It was aired in 2013, by BBC 4 (British Broadcasting Company). This episode features the genius Grinling Gibbons. It's almost an hour, so beware. But if you do, sit back and enjoy. You won't be disappointed. His work is mind-blowing!

Carved.With.Love.The.Genius.of.British.Woodwork.s01e02.Glorious.Grinling.Gibbons.PDTV.x264.ATHENA wso from Mastergen on Vimeo.

If you enjoyed you might want to search the net for more of this series. How about 'The divine art of carpentry' or one dedicated to Chippendale?

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I watched that documentary in awe when it first aired. I was lucky enough to see Grinling's work up close at Chatsworth House a few years ago. It is truly spectacular to look at. Chatsworth have a Grinling cravat similar to the one in the V&A museum in London and you just can't believe how delicate the wood looks. Beautiful!

  2. OMG. Thank you for sharing it Debora! So inspiring!

  3. Debora, this man has been my hero for years. I got to see some of his work in London for real! It is even mor amazing in person. Thank you for the heads up about the video!

  4. That was spectacular. I watched every second of it in total amazement. What a joy it must be to see in person. Thank you so much for posting the video, I loved it!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing the link, Debora

  6. Maybe it will air on our PBS here, because horrid GREEDY gazillionaire verizon has seen fit to charge $$$$$ big bucks for a measly 5 GB which is nothing. Even when I just watch quick fun animal videos, I cannot make it to the end of the month...I've actually had to resort to driving 20 miles round trip to the library for free wi-fi. Sorry to rant on your blog but I miss sooo much---

  7. Never mind Linda! Spit it out Dear! Putting myself in your shoes it's totally nail biting not to be able to fully enjoy the WWW, only because of corporate hunger for bucks. I hate to see the world getting split up more and more into those who benefit from the net, and those who are left behind. It's turning into such an integrated technology everyone should have free access!

  8. I love this man's work and have often thought how good it would be to have access to mini Grinling Gibbons lookalikes for our properties - can you imagine that? It was said that if a peapod was carved closed, then he was awaiting payment, open and he'd been paid!

    1. Funny saying! And i believe it, the man was extraordinary! A league of his own, i mean… his work is astonishing and mind-blowing! Not to mention very inspirational! I can imagine what you're saying; his decorative style suits perfectly with some of these amazing grand dolls houses out there. Without wanting to sound cocky, and not that I'll ever reach that level, oh no! but his detailed, lifelike crispy way of carving is something I aspire and look up to. But I don't dare to think i'll ever be brave enough to take on making a scale model of one of his pieces. That's impossible!


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