original (mirror) frame

Before I'll show you the finished mirror (yeah! she's done) I thought it would be nice to show you where it derived from.

Daughter Sweet finished primary school this summer. At the age of twelve she's starting Junior Highschool (?) just the other week. Please forgive me if it's the wrong words for these types of schools, but you catch my drift; she was moving on.

They had a Graduation Party to celebrate the End of an Era & the start of a New One... Theme was "Glitter & Glamour". So they arrived in elongated limousines, had too much make-up on and/or over-the-top-dressing and so on.

All was put on film and that's where the mirror came into play; they used a silver plastic rococo frame to take portraits.

I thought it looked like a good piece to try out some of the carvers I'd bought. They turned out to be a great help but too big and not the best of qualities. Victoria gave me a great tip (thanks again here too!) so I've bought a couple of extra from Pfeil, some veiners as small as 0,5 mm and way better quality. They stay sharp for much longer. A pleasure to work with.

Next time, the finished frame.
Till then all the best & enjoy


  1. Everyone of them is beautiful! I am not certian which one is your daughter though. Congratulations to the graduate! Catherine XXX

  2. Catherine, thank you, I'll pass on your congrats :) But she's not in the pics, not on purpose... I just picked some that showed the mirror well. Most pics were way more up close. By the way, In the second pic it's broken. It went in half, somewhere during the evening :-)


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