who can give me a hand?

Still working on the serpentine table. I'd come up with a design for the lower part between the legs. It will not only strengthen the legs, but it needs that to balance it all out too. At least, that's what I think. I carved the 4 supports for the middle section while on holiday (previous log). This weekend I turned the fruit bowl that will go in the middle and started carving the fruit on top.

I always knew I had I come up with a solution on how to make the 4 supports exactly fit between the legs. So while designing I figured I would make the ends of the 4 pieces surrounding the middle section circular. If the bowl in the middle would have a circular dimension vertically I could make it fit by just lowering or raising the bowl compared to the legs .

So far so good. But what kind of jig could do the job?? Keeping it all in position while fastening each support? While carving the fruit i let my head spin and all weekend I have been testing out all sorts of weird set ups. Elastic bands, sticky wax, wire... Non seem to be steady enough... or precise enough... Plus the realization I miss an extra set of hands, or two :-S

Finally this is what I've come up with; a primitive set up made out of card board. This seems to do the trick to keep all 5 parts in place while they are still loose. I will make the definite one out of wood once the fruit is done. I've got banana's and apples, gotta do some grapes as well :-P One hurdle out of the way... the fastening will be the next... brrr... who want's to give me a hand?


  1. Debora, do you have any poly clay? Sometimes I use a lump of that to hold things steady. You can adjust it easily and it comes right off after you have the job done. The table is beautiful so far. It is going to be amazing!

  2. Ooh. ik begrijp je, al maak ik natuurlijk niet zulke kunstwerken.
    Mijn derde handje is altijd papieren 'plakband' , micropore, te verkrijgen bij de apotheek. Het laat zich makkelijk verwijderen zonder sporen achter te laten en je zou er er zelfs doorheen kunnen schuren of zagen.
    Ik zou niet zonder kunnen om iets in elkaar te zetten.

    Groetjes, Roelie

  3. @ Casey, that's a good idea. But the clay doesn't stick to waxed surfaces and all the parts need to finished before I assemble. Otherwise it will become too brittle to wax and buff. The parts where the pieces meet or touch will be free of wax of course. I could leave some surrounding area's free of wax to shape the lump onto. I'll test if the wood doesn't darken due to the oils in the clay. If it works it's an added support! Jhippy!

  4. @ Roelie, Micropore ken ik nog niet. Ik ga meteen even zoeken zo. Klinkt medisch in ieder geval :-) Omdat ik ook nog boeken restaureer heb ik hier ook nog talloze soorten plakband liggen. Dubbelzijdig, enkelzijdig, dik en vloei-dun... Maar hoe ik ook liep te pielen en te frutten afgelopen dagen... het gaf te weinig stabiliteit en zekerheid. Het ging me in dit geval nl om de juiste hoogte van de fruitmand te bepalen. Maar voor het zekeren bij het lijmen is het zeker het juiste gereedschap. Ik zou ook niet meer zonder kunnen!

  5. Lamento no saber ayudarte, el traductor hace que no sepa bien que necesitas, pides ayuda pero no se bien cual es el problema, lo siento, un beso.

  6. Gracias Susi, Es difícil de explicar, incluso en Inglés. Sin embargo gracias

  7. Hoi Debbie,

    Kan je geen foam gebruiken ( van dat stevige wat ze ook als ondervloer gebruiken)
    Hierin kun je de delen indrukken of uitsnijden.
    Of je maakt een gedeeltelijke mal en de rest met tape.

    Succes en groetjes, Sylvia

  8. Deborah, What an amazing table this will be when you are finished. I have been wondering what the pegs at the bottoms of the legs were there for! Now I know! Gorgeous carving. I can't wait to see the fruit when it is completed. Your carving skills are so wonderful!!

  9. Esa mesa es una obra de arte!!! Bravo!
    Un abrazo

  10. @ Casey, I've tried some poly clay last night but it doesn't seem to stick to wood, not even on unfinished. And it has the added drawback it get's in the grain of the wood, how small they may be :-( But thanks for thinking along!
    @ Silvia, foam could work, yes. I gotta rummage my stockpile first, gotta have some different types lying around. I've got a busy week ahead but as soon as I get back working on it I'll most definitely give it a try. Thanks!
    @ Patty, I'll do my best for you on the fruit.

  11. C'est effectivement un gros problème de n'avoir que 2 mains! J'ai l'habitude de me faire aider par les sorcières de ma maison de poupées... mais je suis certaine que tu vas réussir cette magnifique table sans aucune aide!
    J'ai hâte de voir la suite!

  12. I am probably way to late to help....but!
    Not that long ago I told Catherine about a product I use....it is called "Blu Tack"....it hold items in place for ages....Catherine was thrilled with this product and doesn't know how she ever coped with out it....it is certainly my second set of hand.
    It is available at hardware shops here in Australia....but I think Catherine bought hers on-line.
    Let me know if I can help you further with this product.

    ....I should have said that it is like a reuseable putty, it leaves no residue and you can use as much or as little as required....

  13. @ Sanschichis, so kind of your witches to help you out. Unfortunately I don't have some of them as neighbors :(
    @ Virginia, precious yes, to me it's been a work of love.
    @ Linda, You were not way to late, In fact I was working on it when you commented. Your tip was actually sort of what I'd come up with. I've used a not to tight and not to ridged type of glue, combined with a wooden jig. Positioned it all and then cleaned and repositioned each piece back with proper adhesive. It wasn't Blue Tack, bit your tip came very close. She's finished now, when time permits i'll post it :-)))


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