Spring break

Every spring our family takes a little break to one of the islands in The Waddensea. It's a fast area that stretches from the north of the Netherlands, along Germany all the way up till Denmark. Scattered with islands the sea-tide reigns and brings food for million of seabirds and migrating birds. Early May is an ideal moment to realize King Winter has left the country and a new period is dawn with the outburst of new life in nature.

Every holiday I bring a miniature job along to work on if the time permits. I've embroidered a carpet, carved dozens of lace bobbins or had o go on barley twists...

This time I worked on the bottom part of the serpentine table. I'd carved the lower shelf between the legs but wasn't pleased with the design. It was time and effort wasted but it had to be right. Finally the third version did.

Still a little carving to do (the fruit basket) and then finish it off, ready to be mounted between the legs.


  1. Your photo's are stunning and your carving perfect!

  2. Thanks for the photos,they are beautiful. But your woodworking is really amazing !!!Jeannette

  3. The holiday was great. Heaps of laundry but this table needs to get out of my hands haha. It' s coming together now, i just turned the basket that will sit in between. It's so exciting to see it getting shape at this final stage. I'm in the back garden as we speak. 27˚C and sunny, the perfect conditions to carve some fruit :-)


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