a Petit give-away

I want to say thank you! To all you fellow miniaturists out there. Although I don't comment a lot, I do read a lot. And every time i'm amazed how much talent thats out there. I have to be careful not to get stuck behind the p.c. too much, cos time spend there keeps me from spending precious time behind my workbench.

But it happens, i can't help it...  and I end up drifting for hours on end, on this endless sea of inspiration that you all create. And for that I want to thank you. For sharing your knowledge, ideas and your talents. For all the laughter and joy, and the tears that come with it too. For the moments I'm left in awe when beauty or perfection reveals itself. And let's not forget the encouragement you all give.

The give-away is a unicorn or narwhal tusk. Fit for a gentleman's study... or maybe an alchemist's? There are six different ones to choose from. All delicately mounted on either cherry or mahogany, and labeled with a hand engraved brass plaque.

Below are the unicorns, from top to bottom, numbers 1,2 and 3.

And these are the narwhal tusks, from top to bottom numbers 4, 5 and 6.

Rules are; be a follower and comment on this post. Tell me which one you would like to receive (hence the numbers) and most importantly, reveal who or what's your greatest inspiration when it comes to miniatures.

The give-away ends on December 18th. I'll draw two winners, one randomly and the other from the most unique, honest or otherwise most amazing answer. Good luck and enjoy,


  1. Wonderful! Please count me in! I can add you to my blog. I like #3. Very delicate and small - and I do like small.

    My Grandmother built dollhouses years ago, but it wasnt until about 10 years after her death that I started going through what miniatures I had of hers. In each one of my houses there is something of hers. Most of my house address (#'s on the house) are her house numbers. Wish she could see what I have learned from her!

  2. Dear Debora
    What a fantastic thing to do, thanks for giving us the oportunity to "win" one of your treasured items. I have recently started a new Townhouse project and plan a study and Library in the style of a gentleman's club, and any one of these would make the perfect overdoor decoration. Either 4,5 or 6 would be just right, I have no preference as I love them all. As for inspiration, I have always held Edward Lutyens in great regard. Not just for his simplistic Edwardian style but for his incredible work on Queen Mary's Dolls House (in Windsor). If ever there was a house to inspire this does for me. May I also say I am in absolute love with the panelled room you have here. I have been going back to your original post when it was under construction and, though I won't be able to have changeable panels (because the cieling will be tooo low) I will be taking your advise on using cardboard to block out the ares.
    Even if I am not one of the lucky ones to be successful, it's a real treat to be able to try. So BIG THANKS for the chance anyway.
    Best wishes

  3. Wow, Debora, well the gentleman of my house would love number 6, as a Victorian he has been to India, Africa, toured all over Europe and now lives in the USA with his American wife, I have to be able to explain why there are so many different things in the house from all over the globe.

    My greatest inspiration for making true to life miniatures is history, I am always amazed at how people managed to survive in the past without all the modern conveniences that we have, ha, so far my Victorian mini people seem to do not so bad for themselves, they accumulate the best of the best. And making all those wonderful furniture without power tools, WOW!!!!!

    As to who inspire me, it has to be Bill Robertson, I think his work is just amazing, hope mine can get close to his standards one day.

  4. I love this room you have created. It maybe one of my all time favorites. Not only for the paneling but because you can change the wall paper any time you need to. That is brilliant!

    I love the plaques but I will not enter since I don't have the proper setting for one.

    Would you still blog if no one left you comments?

  5. Sorry Debora, I didn't leave any contact info on my Comment re Edward Lutyens. Hopefully it will work this time...
    Best wishes

  6. Todos me gustan y como el colmillo del unicornio es algo mágico dejaría que tu eligieras el que quieres regalarme .

  7. Oh Debora ! it is a lovely giveaway if I win I would like number 1, but also are so perfect!
    Mi inspiration come fron my mother she is an artist crocheting
    A hug

  8. el nº 3 sería mi preferido, mi inspiración está en la vida misma, en todos ustedes bloggers, en el día a día, en las pequeñas cosas...

  9. What a lovely give away !
    All are fabulous but the best would be number 4 !
    When it comes to miniatures I think that the greatest inspiration is Josje from Beautiful World and Annina from Miniatures By Annina. These two artists are a truly inspiration . Annina as a modern miniaturist and photographer. Jossje because she makes old fashioned miniatures with real passion. Through their work you can see their love for miniatures.
    A wish good luck to all contestants.

  10. Hi Debora. I'd like to participate your great giveaway. I prefere the first or third one.

    I think the greatest inspiration of making miniatures is the old time and perhaps my own dreams in real life. It's just wonderful to make some furnitures I know I will never have in real life. It's wonderful to share this mini world with other miniaturist too.

  11. Debora, Thank you for a chance to win one of your fantastic unicorn horns. I love #6.

    I was most inspired by the work of Catherine Muniere. I fell in love with all of the children and babies that she makes! It made perfect sense when I started my doll making journey to make babies because I was always so crazy about them. I was the girl on our street that would run to all of the new neighbors that had children and introduce myself as the local babysitter. When I was even younger( 6 on up) I would cross a street when I saw someone with a pram just so I could peek in. LOL

  12. For many years I have wanted to build a dollhouse and about a year ago I finally started to build one. My biggest inspiration is other peoples blogs.
    I`m going to have a library in my big house and I would love to have a miniature made by you.
    If I win I would like to have #5.

  13. Hi Deborah, I would like to participate in this giveaway. If I win I would like to receive the number 5.
    I need much effort to make my miniatures, I'm just nosy and I like beautiful things and then I can produce some miniature, so I can get inspired seeing wonderful miniaturists like you, who has a gift almost divine in making objects so small and perfect .

  14. Hola Deborah, me gustaría participar en tu sorteo y me gustaría tener el número 1. Mi inspiración para hacer miniaturas es mi día a día, el intentar hacer algo bonito con mis manos y sentirme feliz con el resultado y con la alegría de mi família cuando ven lo que voy consiguiendo hacer.

  15. Please count me in your give-away too. I love no1 and 3.
    The inspiration? Oh, so many miniaturists and magazines and books....

  16. This is a very original giveaway. Please count me in. I'm a new follower. I like Nr. 5.
    My sister has a doll's house. For them, I've done some little things from polymer clay and discovered the great possibilities of a 1:12 craft. Then I opened a blog and have met quite a lot of nice people who share my hobby with me. That's a lot of fun.
    Hugs from Craftland

  17. Hello Debora!
    I follow your blog for a long, long time, I believe that your, you're one of the first blogs that I follow, since I learned to travel in the blogosphere! : D
    the first thing that made me fall in love with you was the pillow lace, and I did a similar, but not as nice as yours!
    you see here:
    so I can tell you that you are inspiration to me ...
    But I take inspiration from the mountains, particularly as, that I love very much, and where I spend the holidays as a child, the Dolomites, you know?
    they are magical mountains, with shades of pink, sparkling in the sunset ....
    I am building a cabin in the Tyrolean style, set in the Dolomites, and a unicorn horn makes me think of a magical appearance, in the woods ... as if a wonderful creature, had gone to leave a bit of luck!
    I like the No 1, it would be nice to put on my fireplace, a touch of elegance and prestige, in a house of woodsmen, .. but I fear that I will not be so lucky!
    But at least for a few days, I can dream of winning your own masterpiece!
    thank you for this great opportunity, many kisses from Italy!

    PS: I found out that the unicorn really exists! is a deer with a single horn, and lives in Tuscany, Italy!
    look here: http://www.ecoblog.it/post/6226/lunicorno-esiste-e-vive-in-toscana


  18. Thank you, Debra, for the chance to win one of your BEAUTIFUL horns! I think I would like the Narwhal tusk #6 if I should be so lucky! I think it would be another perfect reminder of the Sea in my Victorian Cupboard House....
    As for the greatest inspiration.... before I discovered the Blogland... it was the Fairy Castle of Colleen Moore in the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, USA. But SINCE I found Blogland..... I am Constantly awed and amazed and Inspired by SO MANY Talented and creative craftspeople! As well as Talent there is generosity too, sharing techniques and tutorials and even gifts from all over the Globe! I would be hard pressed to name just ONE inspiration! The list is LONG and yours is one of them! So PLEASE, count me in! And even if I don't get selected, I feel I am a winner already...!

  19. Hoi Debora,
    Wat een fantastische give away, die zou perfect zijn in de mannenkamer van mijn grote huis...
    Een voorkeur, nee, die heb ik niet, ze zijn allemaal mooi.
    Mijn grote inspiratie WAS, met nadruk op WAS, Jim Ronan Sevelic.
    Dit totdat ik zijn werk in het echt zag en ontdekte dat mooie foto's het werk maakt.
    Zijn werk vond ik zo tegenvallen, het glom van de fixeer en er was niet op de O zo belangrijke details gelet. Hierna ben ik mijn inspiratie gaan halen uit blogland, internet en van alle andere fantastische miniaturisten, dus altijd genoeg inspiratie hi, hi
    Groetjes sylvia

  20. Oh, om 1 van jouw eenhoorn- of narwalhoorn te winnen, dat zou wel heel erg leuk zijn!!! Ik vind nummer 5 wel heel erg mooi!!!
    Mijn grootste inspiratie, pff...ik haal het overal en nergens vandaan, ik zou zo niet eentje weten. Meestal triggert een voorwerpje mijn verbeelding en dan ga ik daar mee aan de slag. Denk eigenlijk dat mijn eigen fantasie mijn grootste inpsiratiebron is en natuurlijk is die fantasie o.a. gevoed en gevormd door al die mooie, grappige, magische creaties waar we van mogen genieten in boeken en op internet en in het echte leven!
    Groetjes, Margriet

  21. Hola Debora, me gustaría participar en tu sorteo, me gustan todos pero creo que me gusta más el no. 3, mi inspiración siempre han sido mis hijos, un abrazo Ana (mucuy)

  22. Hola Debora, me encantaria participar en tu sorteo.
    No me inporta cual nuemro sea, cualquiera de ellos quedaria genial en casa de mi bruja Haghata.
    Me encanta trabajar en fimo haciendo miniaturas porque empiezas con un trocito de masa y al final coge vida propia.
    Y eso es lo que me gusta que de nada salga un personaje o cualquier trabajo que se asemeje a la realidad.
    Subo el aviso a mi blog
    besitos ascension

  23. Ma favorite est la numéro 5 .Ce qui m'inspire en miniatures ce sont les vieilles ambiances campagnardes et les chats .

  24. Hi!

    Wonderful give-away you are having here. I love all the horns, but maybe number 5 catches my eye the most.

    I have many people who's work I admire tremendously. There are people who'se talent is amazing and then there are the magical ways that some things make sence and feel like they naturally belong to my miniature world. These things cannot be explained all the way, being matters of taste I suppose. Joyce Barmore-Sterk (Mostly Art) has amazing pottery, Taru Astikainen (Primadoll) makes my favourite dolls, Douglas Guy's carving is astonishing to name just a few. Some Japanese artists twist the boundaries of possible in a way that amazes me.

    I think the Moominhouse permanently on display at Tampere library, Finland has influenced my style the most if only one house must be named. It was a joint work of Tove Jansson and Tuulikki Pietilä with a friend of theirs and they worked in a very organic way without a strict plan. There's a strong element of fairytale going on, but still the house is very convincing and truthful in many ways.

    Thank you for your very inspiring and beautiful blog!


  25. Lovely giveaway. I love them all but if I have to choose it would be #1 or #2. I'm so inspired by all the bloggers and artists that I've discovered in the last year or so that I couldn't pinpoint one person. I will say that I'm inspired by my younger self. The one who started the love of miniatures and had so much creativity! We tend to lose that as we get older. I wish I could dream as vibrantly as I did then!

  26. Thanks for giving an opportunity to win one of your magical horns. I think Unicorn nr #2 or one of the narwhales... They are a all fab.

    As to inspirations...hmm...there are so many miniature crafters, artists and pepole that inspire me. But the one who started me off two years ago was Leá Frisoni.

  27. Great giveaway Debora! I have always loved narwhal tusks and the ones you have made are wonderful. I particularly like the last one, nr. 6. I was surprised to read you hand engraved the name plaques, so professionally done!

    My inspiration for my miniatures comes from everything, life, people, history, nature, light, materials, shapes...but your question was 'what is you biggest inspiration'...I would have to say visual art is my biggest inspiration. I know, still very broad, but it is so. Visual art does something to my brain, my emotions. It often excites me and also calms me. It teaches me to see and helps me to decide when I have doubts regarding my own work. It may be just because of some colours I saw, or the way a certain shape or technique or light is used, but I always want to start working on something myself.

  28. Querida Debora, me encantan loa colmillos que has hecho para el sorteo son preciosos, entre todos no es fácil decidir, pero el nº6 es el elegido.
    Mi inspiración es la vuelta a la infancia donde la imaginación es infinita, saco de mi interior esa niña que todos tenemos dentro, buscando duendecillos con los que jugar y personajes diminutos para que sean mis amigos donde la felicidad es inmensa, creando un mundo mágico donde todo es posible.
    Un fuerte abrazo y que los seres pequeños nos den todo lo que deseamos.

  29. Debora, in my rush to sign up for this giveaway I forgot to say that the world of bloggers has been my inspiration. Everyone is so generous with their pictures and tutorials. The unicorn "horns" are wonderful. They are all very beautiful but #6 on mahogany is my favorite. I think the mahogany shows them off to their best advantage. Please enter me in your draw. Holiday wishes to you and yours.

  30. ¡Me encantan los colmillos que has preparado para el sorteo, es dificil elegir entre todos! Si resultase premiada. me gustaria cualquiera...Mi inspiracion para las miniaturas es variada, mis sueños, mis recuerdos, la historia, y sobre todo, el placer de crear cosas bonitas con mis manos...Subo tu sorteo a mi blog, y cruzo los dedos...Un beso

  31. Hola me encantaria participar en el sorteo ,,a mi la inspiracion por hacer las miniaturas me viene cuando menos me lo espero ,, andando ,hablando comiendo ,pienso esto en miniatura quedaria genial ,y tengo que hacerlo ya ,porque la inspiracion se va y si no estoy motivada para hacerlas ,,no hago nada ,,el colmillo que me gusta es el nº 1 ,,,haber si ahi suerte ,,besoss

  32. so unique!

    from Tyla @


  33. A project that I'm planning (and beginning to collect for) is a small bookshop which will be next door to the Brocante, the owner M. Eduard Culat, would be proud to display one of these on his wall. It's difficult but I'd choose No 6 if I was lucky enough to win one but any of them would be wonderful.

    As to inspiration, it's actually quite difficult to define who/what is the greatest inspiration for mini projects as it comes from so many places and people every day. However on reflection I guess it's true to say the "who" is Lea Frisoni not just because I love the soft ambience she creates but particularly because it was an article in a dollhouse magazine about the house that features in her book that really re-ignited my passion for minis and opened my eyes to a whole new 'style' - and it was also through that article that I found the world of mini blogging. After reading the article I Googled Lea's name to try to find a stockist of her book and one of the first websites that came up was Linda's blog "Une Petite Folie", before that I had no idea mini blogs existed! So without Lea I may not have found my passion again, nor all the wonderful mini blogs that continue to inspire me every day.

  34. Me encantaria participar, son preciosos, a mi me gusta más en nº 1.

  35. A very original giveaway. I would love to participate. Thank you for the opportunity. No 1 or No. 3 can be great for my Gentleman's Study.
    Will put a link on my blog.

  36. Forgot to mention where I get my inspiration. From the love of all things small, be they animals, babies, etc. I love crafting and am a DIY woman.

  37. Thank you Drora, for adding your inspiration too :) You're in.

  38. My goodness! Can't believe I nearly missed this!

    Emerson (the quirky professor/explorer who currently lives in a very large wooden birdcage...) is quite taken with the narwhal tusk as he's never seen one before. No. 4 or 6 should we so fortunate to win! (Am I to assume that he HAS seen a unicorn??? He's not saying...)

    Real life inspires me to miniatures. I look around, see things "big" and try to imagine them little. There are so many things around that one couldn't possible run out of ideas!!

    Thank you for this very unusual contest prize!

  39. This is a beautiful and unusal giveaway indeed! Please count me in. I like number 4 especially. My biggest inspiration is the worldwide community of artists who share their wonderful miniatures.

  40. Hi Debora,
    What a great opportunity to earn such a scarce item. I f I win I would like the Narwhal#5.
    Now for my inspiration...which is quite difficult to descripe.... Everything small but lifelike...I guess the ideas come from everywhere. Could be a piece of fabric at the market or during a trip to Bali. Or just an impression board in some kind of magazine. For my dolls I get ideas from movies, history and such....I hope it gives you a bit of an idea.

  41. What a great give away! I'd love to join for #4!
    My inspiration, it's going to sound cheesy, but it is nature. It can be so perfect and beautifull. It can be miniscule and it can be grand beyond understanding. And it is always original, more beautifull than the copies humans try to make of it, in paintings or studies or discriptions or even in miniature. This is so humbling, and inspiring to me.

  42. Hi Debora! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase count me in for your drawing! My witch Miranda would be really, really thankful and happy (and so am I ) about a unicorn, so #1,#2 or #3. It is so interesting to read how other people find their inspirations! I am quite new to minis, started making them by myself last spring and it seems inspiration comes from EVERYWHERE! Other peoples fantastic blogs (Liberty Biberty, Elämää koossa...), books or my colleagues at work who are trying to make jokes about my hobby.."...yeah, why are you not making a witch´s house - that would really suit to you!!!?" Well, why not? Everything seems to be possible in mini, things I cannot afford, stuff that wouldn´t suit to the rest of our home..make it mini! How cool is our hobby!!!??
    Thank you for making such a cool giveaway :-))
    Hugs, Sandra

  43. Hi Debora,
    I'm fascinated by creating a miniature world. In miniature it can be perfect, in fact it is not perfect...
    I really like all your work, I would like to get this little gift from you. Maybe#1?

  44. I have admired your Unicorn horn since you first posted it! So beautiful and creative! I would very much like number 3.

    My inspiration is my family history - I am recreating a Scottish highland home, with many touches that relate to my family. I think it is important to me as I know live in a different country and it is like recreating a little piece of home that I can gaze at!

    Thank you for organising this giveaway,


  45. Hi Debby, How could I miss this? may be I was too busy but I am fully awake now.
    my ispiration ?! real life ! I'd like to recreate a lovely cosy atmosphere such as those you sometimes you see in perfect houses. Mine it's not perfect but it 's homey and warm ...that's what I'm aiming too. Best wishes, Rosanna

  46. De miniwereld doet mij denken aan mijn moeder, die veel bezig was met de inrichting van mijn ouderlijk huis in Victoriaanse stijl. Ze maakte ook prachtige poppenhuisdametjes met kleding uit de jaren 1850 voor ons poppenhuis.
    Sinds kort heb ik een poppenhuis,waarin nog van alles moet gebeuren.
    Ik geniet er erg van, om vloertjes, meubeltjes en behangetjes uit te zoeken en te maken.
    Het is mij om het even; ik kan niet kiezen, want de mini's zijn allen schitterend!
    Groet, Olga Franse

  47. Wowwwww Debora, que regalos mas preciosos, quedaria perfecto en mi escena de brujas jejeje, me encanta, apuntame, ahora lo pongo en mi blog, gracias y besos.

  48. Ah, me gustan todos, pero elijo el colmillo de Narval nº4, es especial por su forma y por lo que significa, me encanta, besos.

  49. I wasn't going to ask to be included since I work in half scale, but darn it, I really want one. You're a talented artist with one of my favorite blogs and I'd be honored to own a piece of your work.


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