"nautilus" stand


Some readers may remember I did an article about making Barley twists. Here's an example of what you can do with that technique. A fancy display stand for a "nautilus" shell. Hope you like it.


  1. It´s SOOOO beautifull, Debora! ..But I´m sure, I will never get the skills to make one ;-)
    Love, Susanne

  2. I love it!

    Your wood working skills a fantastic. I hope we will see some more of your carving soon.

  3. It's beautiful!! So well made!
    Thankyou for the how-to on forming barley twists.

  4. It's beautiful, I also have some doubts about my woodworking skills to achieve something that beautiful :)

  5. Ja, goed gelukt,ik heb ze dus naar aanleiding van het blad ook gemaakt. Ik heb ook een ei en een zee egel stand gemaakt...ik vindt die van jou ook prachtig....mijn draaiwerk is zeker niet zo mooi als die van jou!


  6. Thanks everyone. I am pleased too, and contend with the way it turned out. Just too bad that I couldn't find a shell that would represent a Nautilus' shell more than the one I had on hand.

    For those who have doubts about their capability to do this technique, please dó give it a try! It's very effective, even if your first go isn't up to your standards. Know that the second one will be better, and the third... etc. (I threw away my first attempts too : ) Remember, that's the way we learn.

    And it can be used for áll kinds of small objects...

  7. Mooi!! Erg mooi gefotografeerd ook met de schelp erachter.

    Ik keek laatst op een site over het kopen van tegels voor het poppenhuis en toen zag ik jouw gangvloer als voorbeeld, echt gaaf!

    groetjes Evelien

  8. Beautiful stand Debora! Even though you make it seem so simple on your tutorial I'm in awe over your woodworking skills! And the shells are beautiful, especially the big shell is absolutely gorgeous with it's perfect pattern and soft pink shine!

  9. It really came out lovely Debora!!!


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