amazing mail

Amazing mail,
on my doorstep...

Look at how stunning this gorgeous little feather with pentip is, that Sabiha has made. I was always taken by them. Great object in lots of ways! Take a look...

And it's so nice to see it with the writing box I'v made earlier. It's only now that I feel the box is finaly complete.

aint it a gem? I guess some of you must have seen them, and if not; you can find them in her etsy shop .

Thank you very much Sabiha :)

p.s. I keep wondering how small that bird must have been ;-)


  1. pfff.. enlarging the pics I see I am in desparate need of some body lotion.... hell, I look like a dessert or something haha all crinkled and dried up.

  2. Vlat best mee hoor,haha! ik vind het toch al knap dat je van die mooie detail foto's hebt gemaakt! Ik heb dicht bij mijn huis een kinder boerderij met heel veel vogels...en lig daar zowat met mijn neus op de grond om perfecte veren te rapen, haha!

    Veel plezier er van!


  3. Sabiha is so clever at making the very tiniest things!

  4. I can almost picture you Sabiha... hihi.
    Yes Mercedes, ain't she great!?

    have a nice weekend!


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