forced to stop, or have a break

The past few days I have spent working on another pair of skates. The skates have a less elaborate design in the wood compared to the first ones I did. But that is balanced with a very nice detail in the shape of an acorn on the tip of the irons.

Here are the prototype from which I took the measurements.

On the base where you place your feet, you can see the small pair at half stage.

But now I am a bit stuck. So there is time give you an update. The reason is that the origanal skates have a woven orange colored lace to tie the skates under as you can see in the pic above. There's no ribbon that can simulate this very particular lace, so I have begon to experiment. I want to reproduce it as close as I can.

Using some bobbinlace technique was the best I could think of, and it doesn't look bad at all. But the fibers I used for the warp are DMC 80, a thread that is clearly to thick for this job. The proportions are wrong, it's too wide. And the colors are a bit too harsh as well.

The thread for the woof or weft is a cotton 140, and that is fine by the looks of it. All I need to do now is change the warp fibers for a thinner version. I rumbled in my sewingbox but I haven't got these odd colors (orange, blue and yellow). And now it's sunday and all shops are closed so I thought I could crawl behind the computer and show you where I am at.

If you want to see more pictures about the making of these skate, click here


  1. I dunno. I think it looks pretty good. But, I guess if you could get thinner thread it would be better.... I see your dilemma

  2. Oh Lord! I am so impressed by the quality of your work!!!! This is so amazing!!!!

  3. Welcome and thank you for following Dale! I worked on it all day, and when I stumble onto something like this, unsatisfied and not being able to solve it, I know it's time to stop...
    ;-) I guess that tomorrow will bring a fresher look on it.

  4. Papillon Blue, thank you for you kind words. I jumped over at your blog and am very taken by the atmosphere you create. Gorgeous settings captured in beautiful pictures; as I said, i sometimes wished I could shrink and join in :D

  5. They look good. The original you show would have been woven on a "tape loom".

    There are a lot of variations on these looms but I think the drilled holes in the one in the link below could be done for working in miniature size. Lovely looking loom too but leave out the slots or it will be too weak to be functional for making miniatures.

    I studied weaving at University a long time ago when I worked at being a fiber and textile artist.

  6. oops my mistake you can't leave out the slots, they are needed, but don't make them go all the way up and down the loom, just in the area where actual work will be done. So fragile to create one for miniature work.

  7. Aah, getting from one project to an other; creating a miniature loom to make the minature ribbon :D Great link to do so Karin, thanks. Studing the ribbon I saw the difference in technique... I guess such loom could be made out of cardboard? Well, only one way to find out...

  8. Perhaps I can cut one using my friend Don's laser.
    That would make it easy to get precise spacing of all the slots and holes. I just have to figure out a comfortable size to hold onto for the pushing.

  9. The weaving could also be done on an Inkle loom.
    The man on this link has some helpful ideas.

  10. Thank you, Deborah. Sometimes walking away and coming back with fresh eyes can be the best thing.

    This might be an easier solution. :)

  11. I clicked through to see more pics and I just love how your skates have turned out. They are carved beautifully. Back here, we have no snow so I have no idea what a vintage pair of skates look like. I gather they are vintage because of the ribbons?

  12. I studied your links, and reading through them found this:
    very helpful...although quite simple I guess the vertical striping in the original makes this type of loom (with one set of holes) work.

    see also

    Sans, if you want to see how diverse skates can be, check this section of the Fries Nautical Museum:

    The ones I am making now are the skates that my mother in law used to ride, so they are about 40/50 years old. The first pair of skates i did (see a previous post) are 20, and they are still in use today (they are my own ;-))

  13. Oeps, sorry, I see that the link for The museum doesn't work the way I thought. If you click on the "zoeken in de collectie" button on the left and then type in " friese doorlopers " in the adjacent field you should get to see what I ment.

  14. Wauw Deb....ik ben zo onder de indruk van je werk en van hoe je de dingen aanpakt...zo precies en perfect...waar haal je de geduld vandaan? Omdat je de kleur van de veter te hard vind,dacht ik misschien dat je het evt kan bleken in een laagje water met een heel klein beetje bleek? Op de foto's vertekenen de kleuren altijd wel een beetje,maar ik heb hier borduurgaren(fijn) die volgens mij wel de kleur is van het oranje...moet ik je wat toe sturen?
    Ik hoor het wel?


  15. The tiny lace is beautiful, Debora!
    Yet again you astonish me with the detail and accuracy you put into your miniature work!

  16. @ Sabiha, pssst....Shall I tell you something realy stuppid? I took the test-ribbon and soaked half of it in a light bleach solution to see the effect (as you suggested) I left it on the windowsill to dry above a radiator.

    And guess what, since yesteday it's gone!? i've lost it, looked for it, crawled on my hands and knees for it, and it's nowhere to be found hahaha

    @ pubdoll, Thanks you for your kind words. It might seem that I am accurate, but that isn't alway the case.... (see above ;-))

  17. Hoi Debora,

    Dank je voor je bezoekje aan mijn blog. Ik had wel een "Folowers" staan, maar ergens onderaan, door alle blogs die ik had toegevoegd. Dat heb ik dus op jouw advies maar even veranderd.

    Je bent wel een pietje-precies, he? Maar dat vind ik nou juist zo mooi, zo goed nagemaakt in elk detail, dat je wel drie keer moet kijken of je niet naar een 1 op 1 item zit te kijken.



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