present, presents and more presents!

a dutch online dollshouse community called Het Kladblog held it's annual Sinterklaas Swap party last night. (check the wounderful site of Josje if you want te read more about Sinterklaas and the traditions that come with it) Almost all the participants (over 40!) were online and opening their presents one after another. It was hectic but a whole lot of fun. The oooo's and aaaah's where numerous ;-))

A big part that makes the joy of Sinterklaas is in the drawing the name for whom you have to make a present. The recipiant doesn't know who the maker of the gift is. Finding out who it was, is lots of fun afterwards. Hint, tips and the style of the present all help to reveal...

Me for instance left my zipcode on the back of the enveloppe. In case the mail couldn't deliver they, at least, had the return to sender option. And... my swap-child could use it as a hint ;-)) I believe she's still in the woods, but she doesn't read here haha.

On the ticket I had drawn was the wish for something in pastels, or the opposite; bright colored toys. This is what I made:

Last night, when I opened the enveloppe that my mysterious maker had sent me, i felt somewhat ashamed. In it were not just one or two wrapped up gifts.... no, there were nine! Yes, 9! Ooh my, outrageous, soo many, and all were waiting online for me to unwrap them... I felt in a hurry, but didn't want to rush... imagine that the siccors would cut into what was in it... carefully I unwrapped and this is what I got:

First was a towel, edged with lace, some soap, sponge and a lovely bottle of bodylotion. Then came a kite with colorful tail, a poëziealbum with a sweet handwritten poem, three lovely childrenbooks, a toyhorse on a stick (great detail on the tail!!), a rattle, a bear made out of wool, and a nice box with transparant lid inwhich lay a small doll in a lace dress. And finaly a cuddletoy in the shape of an elephant.

But the fluffy elephant gave it away... I remembered toys alike done by Petra. So with all my hart I want to thank Petra for her outrageous number of presents. Knowing she has astma and that her energy levels can drop from time to time I value these as a big gift. Thank you soo much Petra!


  1. I love your Jack in the box and all your gifts. Can I be only a tiny bit envious? Have a nice day Rosanna

  2. Leuk Deb...en wat een hoop,geweldig!
    Ik vind alles super mooie gemmakt en de hulpsint heeft echt z'n best gedaan!

    Heel veel plezier er mee X,

  3. My goodness, your jack in the box is outrageously wonderful! I am dying of jealousy here. Your swap- child is very lucky and so are you :). Petra is a talented sweetie! This Xmas will be extra joyous all round :).

  4. Giving presents is so much fun, i love the power of a selfmade gift. doing the effort and making sure it's to their taste is one way to say that someone is special and realy cares to you.

    for instance: even the most unrecognizable drawing done by our daughter was hartwarming when she made them to give to her mum and dad 8-))

  5. Debby I love the Jack in the box you've made! I remember it being openend during the chat but had not seen a picture of it yet. I was checking the Kladblog trying to figure out who made what but couldn't decide on what you had made. Now this gift does have a little 'Debby' signature on it!

    You have been seriously spoiled with all of your gifts, is not the amount that's important, it's the thought that counts!

  6. Oh I adore the gift you made! What a wonderful and realistic and pretty toy! You're a lucky girl to receive so many gifts ;)
    It sounds like you had a wonderfull sinterklaas feest with all of the kladblog participants! :D


  7. Josje, too right! That's one of the reasons why I love this swap-thing on the internet. Besides the thought that counts I do have to say that the presents had a high level of quality this year! And most were so appropriate to the receiver, obvious a lot of effort has gone in to them! Indeed, the thought that counts

    Anneke, I wouldn't miss it for the world haha. why don't you join in next year?

  8. Your jack-in-the-box looks very nice!


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