a little gem through the mail

Strolling around eBay, I came across the webshop of Sandie Coe. A very talented miniaturist who makes lovely scenerys in oilpaint. Her fields packed with summerflowers are a joy to look at. Very impressive and brilliantly executed. I fell for this pack of poppies, and she made work of the p&p. It was a joy to unwrap. 5 layers, starting with cardboard and ending with lilac silkpaper and this tiny, tiny (2 x 2 inch) picture. Check her out, if not just to be amazed.

greetings Debora


  1. Thank you for the hint, they are truly beautiful

  2. Yes, truly great. Thank you for sharing, Debby.

  3. Youre welkom! Every now and then I come across something that makes me jump for joy, and She's one of them ;-)


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