Chess set storage box

Hi All,
Real life has been pretty hectic lately but some was in a very very good sort of way! A major one is I'll be able to go to Guild School after all! Whoeie!!! So happy, blessed and grateful :) So i've been doing some necessary last minute preparations... oh boy... it's just over two weeks! One of the things was to make a little something to donate to the auctions they always organize. I have a few bits and bobs but wanted to put in something really nice too. Proceeds go to the school and this way I can contribute to future scholar ship students! And here is it; a little storage box. 

Here's how I made it;

This is the set I'd made last year, but it lacked a neat box, come storage solution. 

So I made two little dove tailed drawers to fit a frame the size of the board.

 I decorated the outside with some parquetry, and made sure to miter the veneer at the corners of the box. 

It definitely needed square knobs, matching the checkers of the board and the pattern on all sides. I wanted to make brass knobs but i'd no stock that was wide enough, so i opted for wooden ones. 

Then lined the two drawers with paper thinned home dyed calf skin leather.

And finally added a little label next to my custom made heat stamp that a sweet miniature friend once made for me. 

A few final layers of various finishes, et voilà,
 it's ready to be played with :)

Hope it will do good,


  1. Congratulations Debora, well done. The box for your chess set is adorable, both are just exquisite. I would love to give marquetry a go, as I have grand ideas for a tantalus for my dining room....perhaps one day :)
    Again, well done, and I just want to say how I enjoy your blog and always look forward to updates.
    All the best

  2. Thank you Vivian! Glad you enjoy my posts. Hope one day you'll have a go at your tantalus idea?! I love marquetry myself too so it'd be lovely to see your design come to life.

  3. Hello Debora,
    I am so happy you will be able to go to the Guild. Enjoy yourself! the box is incredible. what amazing detail you manage to create! Wow! Have a safe trip and I look forward to hearing about it when you get back.
    Big hug,

  4. The box is gorgeous. Who ever wins that auction will have a real gem.

    Congratulations on going off to the Guild school. I am DELIGHTED to hear it. You deserve it!!! I look forward to hearing what classes you are going to take.

  5. I forgot to say... I think the two colors of leather were the perfect choice to line the drawers with. It looks great!

  6. Your box looks great Debora...and I am so happy you can go to Guild School after all, especially with getting Artisan this year, it just seemed not right for you to miss out...enjoy and have fun!

  7. Un gran trabajo, el resultado es fantástico!!!!!

  8. Not only do I love the chess set and box, but I also respect the fact that you are helping future scholars with your contribution. A true craftswoman, artist and teacher =0)

  9. Et voilà! Une petite merveille de plus!

  10. Hi Debora...the box is wonderfull and perfect for storing all those tiny chess pieces.
    By the way, last saturday I've talked to Barbara Davis about your wonderfull pieces that you've made for your IGMA artisan! Glad to see/hear that you will be going....leanr a lot and have a lot of fun!!

  11. Una obra fantástica y también fantástico el destino que la has dado, felicidades por tu generosidad:-)

  12. oh Im so excited for you, have fun at school..Im so jealous I wish I could go too :)


  13. First, let me congratulate you as a new IGMA member, the "creme de la creme" of miniature artisans.

    Then, I want to express my admiration regarding your technique. When I read your post, it looks so easy to make a box with marqueterie and two drawers but I know it is not easy and that you probably spent hours to make it. It is perfect and so nice to look at.
    The person who will win this auction is a lucky one.
    All the best and keep posting, you inspire us.

  14. Wow wat prachtig gemaakt. Wat een kunstwerkje. Complimenten voor je mooie werk. Veel plezier straks op de Guild school.

    Groetjes Xandra

  15. What an exquisite chess set and box! Whoever takes it home is lucky indeed.

    Congratulations on attending Guild School - with your skills, perhaps one day you'll be teaching a class there?

  16. What a fabulous contribution for the auction! I'm so jealous of whoever gets to win it at the auction, oh, and of going to the Guild school of course...
    Have fun and please please please show us lots of photos...

  17. What a beautiful job you did! Love it. The dovetails...everything is exquisite How wonderful about
    Guild School---

  18. Oh, congratulations that you will get to go to Castine again!!! Your work is so exquisite.... I am sure you will have a fantastic time! Your box for the chess pieces is just another example of how wonderful your work is! Unique, Beautiful, inventive and unbelievably precise! Bravo!

  19. Thank you all sweet friends! I'm sorry I'd not responded any sooner but my computer passed away last week. Fortunately found a way back on the net again, with a proper sized keyboard :)

    I'm counting the days till Castine, under 2 weeks now! I got the morning painting with Brooke and the pottery class by Jon.

  20. Daar zullen ze in Castine zeker blij mee zijn, wat een hoogstandje weer! Die dovetails -ben het nederlandse woord even kwijt- vind ik altijd zo super, als je let op de afwerking van een stuk vallen zulke dingen meteen op.
    Mooi gemaakt en ik wens je super veel plezier op de Guild School!!

  21. Hi Gee! Zwaluwstaaren. Lag het op het puntje van je tong? Herkenbaar! :) En dank je wel, kijk er erg naar uit!

  22. Brilliant as always
    This link made me think of you!
    Hans Meevis

  23. That's awesome that you can go to Castine! Your lovely chess box will no doubt be admired by its very lucky recipient!

    1. And many many more will be able to enjoy it, for if all's well it will be on display in the Kentucky Gateway Museum Centre. Makes me so proud it's appreciated enough to be part of the collection!

  24. Hi Debora, you did a wonderful job on the little box for the chess pieces. I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  25. Thank you Chris! For your appreciation and for following my blog. I'll do my best to keep writing and not letting my readers down.


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