The mysterious one legged thief

Hi everyone, I would like to share a little event with you.

First, you gotta know I'm pretty organized on the workbench nowadays, keeping essential pieces half done in a plastic container. You're probably all too familiar with what can happen if you don't? I've been on all fours looking for dropped pieces too often now, so i try to stay pretty methodical. Anyway, making this step ladder chair I started out with cutting the four legs and I've continued building on the back legs to make the top half of the chair. The other day I was ready for the bottom section, i.e. work on the front legs.

No braincell in my head doubted the two front legs would be in the tray. I saw one amongst the numerous other pieces that I've prepared, rummaged to find the other, but sure, there was only one. Only one? Yes, only one… HUH? The next moment i checked the bench, i checked left, right, left again…Nothing. Hmm, OK. The floor, it's on the floor. It has to be on the floor. So down on my knees i went.

But sure I knew it would be fruitless. I'd just vacuumed the place. I try to keep it tidy so I can find dropped pieces quickly. But it's too big to not notice it, had i sucked it up unknowingly yesterday. And it has been 2 weeks since i held the front legs last, so I don't know when it went missing…. Argh!

I felt upset with myself for missing a piece. Now I was faced with double work, i.e. make a new front leg. But then I got a brainwave, and smiled. Because maybe, you know, maybe a one legged man had come along and decided he could do with 2 legs??? In theory it's theft but I prefer this explanation because it makes me smile to know i helped this man to walk again, and even run?!

Have fun making mini's,


  1. Hahahaha, yes it's a very familiar situation. Next time I'll remember your unfortunate pirate...

  2. Ves... siempre se puede sacar algo positivo.

  3. LOL! Who knows, maybe you can hear the dull thud of his wooden leg at night....

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  5. AAARRRGGGHHH! The bench thief! I know him well, though I have never seen the little $#@&%$#. He takes things off of my work space too. Some times I find them, sometimes I don't.

    Many years ago I was working on a repair for a woman. The letter B that had fallen off the piece. I was about to solder it back on and.... KAPOOF...It was gone. I looked for hours on a VERY clean floor. I hadto make another one rather then to say I had lost it.

    TWENTY-FIVE years later.... I found that damn B. It was on the floor in my shop. Where the heck had it been for a quarter of a century? That floor had been swept and washed hundreds of times. It's a mystery!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ooh Catherine! I knew these bench thief's come in all shapes and sizes… and even remorseful ones. But after 25 years?!

    2. Haha! Good story! I still hope to find my ring that way, I just hope it won't be when I'm 76. ;-)

  6. Welcome to my world.......................................

  7. Bonjour,
    Avez vous regardé s'il n'était pas accroché sur votre pullover? ou bien dans un revers de pantalon?
    Bonne recherche...

  8. Et Merde ! ....I think I would have been able to throw the other three remaining legs. hihi! I would be so angry against me! Bravo for finding an explanation that makes you smile. This chair is very lucky ... you're not going to give up and leave it on three legs. I think you and I can well imagine your stress look poor disappeared.

  9. Oh wat erg! Ja dan is het verhaal over deze eigenaardige bezoeker een beter alternatief. Succes met het opnieuw maken van het onderdeel.
    Groetjes, Vall

  10. Hello Debora,
    Genius idea! I think the man wanted it to end up like this all along!
    Big hug,

  11. Hehe, glad you could find the humor in it, well we did find parts of the brass bed we made in 2012 in the class room in Castine this year, maybe the borrowers?....but 25 I shouldn't move....just think what interesting piece I can make in 25 years time with all the spare parts!

  12. Well, at least it probably helped that poor bugger .... I have a mini parts eating floor, can't think of any romantic story about that, only horror stories. Reading your little story immediately brought back memories of breaking out in a sweat and an over the moon heartbeat rate! :D

  13. Hi Deb, well I'm in agreeance with you, that is a much better story! There is nothing more frustrating than loosing something, it's not only the loss but the time you waist looking for it.Two days ago I was ironing and I had so much of it I was watching a movie to pass the time, my son came into the room and I paused it and put the remote down whilst we spoke. I could not find it for 36 hours, I had the whole family looking every where, all through my piles of ironing, in the fridge, in the dollhouse, no one could find it. I started to think all sorts of things (like I was going mad) but I did find it in a pile of my daughters ironing we had all looked at!!! Crazy I know!

    As for Catherine's 25 years, that must be a world record!

  14. Well, a familiar but annoying situation. Remember us being on hands and knees in Bill's class several times last summer?
    In my workshop I have put in a new -smooth- floor, which should -in principle- make it easy to find things which fall on the floor. Still it has happened twice already I could not find a dropped item. Those were tiny items though which easily could have disappeared into the seam of some item of clothing or something like that. Now with that back leg of yours... those are different forces at work ;-) I never thought those forces looked like thát though!


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