more nautical babies

Buying the starfish (see the latest post) was a real exception cos i definitely prefer to find the nautical miniatures that Mother Nature washes up on our shores. All for free, and whit out killing the animals that used to live in them.  

All that's needed is to look for them. On your knees or flat on the stomach, at least with the nose down. Some days are better then others, pending on the winds and tide. Fortunately the North Sea was very generous the other day.

She gave the more common types of shells, that already overflow my stockroom. But nature had more in store... and washed up the most brittle skeletons i know; sea urchins!! Easily missed when you walk the beach, but thank god I'm near sighted :D 

Enjoy and have a great (miniature) day


  1. Lovely nautical treasures. I too love to collect them directly from the shore or from the sea itself.

  2. Lovely nautical treasures!...The nature is the best miniaturiste...Hugs

  3. I love the sand dollars, I wish my beach had those!

    1. wish I had a beach.......haha
      Anyhow how wonderful! I love all these tiny critters---

  4. Those are so tiny and beautiful. I would be playing with them like they were mosaics for a design.

  5. Wow, More Treasures! Neptune has been Bountiful for you!!! I can't walk on a beach without ending up bent double to spot the tiny ones....! And now you have Sea Urchins too!

  6. Hello Debora,
    I am jealous! those are absolutely beautiful. So much you can do with them...
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  7. Beautiful shells. I love the tiny sea Urchins.
    Hugs Maria

  8. Thanks for the comments every one. I'm so happy to share the joy they bring :D
    Have a great weekend!


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