I Feel Butterflies

This morning an Agate Butterfly (Phlogophora meticulosa) greeted me beside the front door. He (or she) has hibernated as caterpillar or cocoon this past winter. The warm weather in the past few weeks has lead it to transform into this earth-toned beauty. And now it was enjoying the first rays of sunlight.  It is a member of the first generation of this specie that will spread its wings in our garden coming summer. In the next few weeks it will be responsible of producing a second generation itself. 


  1. Hi, Debora! What a fantastic butterfly --a splendid, Symphony of Earth-tones! Spring has sprung a whole six weeks early, here in Minnesota, as well... I'm not sure whether to be thankful --or frightened.

  2. Yes the warm weather we've been having a few weeks ago has tricked nature into thinking it is time to wake up. I have seen many butterflies already, my daffodils have nearly finished flowering and my apple trees are about to burst into blossom! I hope the cold snaps we are now getting is not going to kill the butterflies and blossoms! ~Josje!~

    PS: it works! Hurrah!

  3. Yes, thanks again Josje. As for the early warmth, I can only hope nature's flexibility will cope with it

  4. Nature still has a lot of strength ... It's beautiful to behold this life cycle.


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