It's winter so lets go skating!

This weekend I've finished a pair of old fashioned Dutch skates. The word we use in Dutch for these kind of skates is Friese doorlopers, cos they originate from our northern province called Friesland.

This pair is made in commission for a lady who lives in that particular province. Her dollhouse is furnished in the style of the early 20th Century and she's dedicated to depict the customs of her region during that era. She figured a pair of skates like these could not be allowed to lack her house  :) And I fully agree, they will fit in só well! I'm thrilled to send them off soon.

There more pictures but I didn't put them up here cos that's just too many. But they depict the building-off, and all the steps it took to reach this stage. So if you want to see how they are build you may want to have a look in this online photo album. Hope you like them.

Have a nice Monday & enjoy,


  1. Ook deze schaatsen getuigen weer van een staaltje vakmanschap. Geweldig zijn ze. Ze brengen herinneringen aan vroeger boven, toen ik ook op deze schaatsen het ijs op ging, stevig ondergebonden door mijn vader.
    De geweven banden zijn erg goed gelukt. Mooi te zien hoe je dat doet. Ik had graar ook bij Bonni Backe zo'n cursus gedaan, maar goed, je kunt niet alles hebben;)

  2. PS: Yes, lets go skating indeed! Where is our winter? My roses have been in flower non stop!!

  3. They are wonderfull...and yes the memories of using them when we where kids. Brilliant they are so reall...and a great job on the ribbons too.

  4. Great, great, great !!!
    And thank you for the step by step making off.

  5. Funny how these skates bring back fond memories of childhood days. I still own a pair of these, actually... and taught my daughter how to skate on 'm, just like your Dad taught you, Josje. Too bad we haven't seen King Winter yet, this year. Indeed, it's like we've gone from autumn straight onto spring... Sun is shining bright as we speak :))

  6. Ze zijn weer subliem werkelijk een Kunstwerkje. Zo gedetaileerd dat je op de foto's niet kunt zien dat het 1:12 is. De nieuwe eigenaar zal er erg blij mee zijn.

  7. Wauw, wauw en nog eens wauw.
    Wat kun jij mooie dingen maken.
    Groetjes, Alexandra.

  8. The skates are gorgeous Debora, snow is not something we ever see, it just doesn't get cold enough, so the only place to skate is at an indoor ring. Going to look at your other photos now, I am curious to see how you made them!!!!

    1. I can't say I have ever seen a pair of skates like those. They are not like the sort I had when I was learning.

      Yours are BEAUTIFUL!!! I am sure she is going to LOVE them!

      You can never have too many pictures for me. ;-)

  9. You have done a wonderful job here, even the box is perfect. Bravo!

  10. I vaguely remember our family having similar skates when I was growing up. Your are way cooler! Just beautiful.

    I DO remember receiving my sister's hand-me-down figure skates, originally white leather, but dyed black for me. I was absolutely PETRIFIED that I would be called out for wearing 'girl-skates!'

  11. Hi, Debora, I looked at the gallery and I opened my mouth in amazement ... MAGNIFICENT! I would not be able to do anything, EVER!
    Above all, I am not able to cut the wood straight, let alone if I can make a hole to thread the string of skin ... ha ha!
    great job!
    thanks a lot, for sharing this!
    xxx Caterina

  12. I admire your work, it`s fantastic.

  13. Debora,

    These are absolutely divine, is there no end to your talents????

    Fi xx

  14. Es un trabajo realmente fantástico, felicidades!!

  15. thanks everyone, your comments are really appreciated.
    I worked on 'm all weekend to get 'm finished (aaaaah... a deadlines) cos i wanted the new owner to enjoy 'm asap. But now I desperately need to catch up on all you're doing and making... you all work so hard it's almost impossible to keep up if you miss out for a few days. Gotta rush to work now too but I can't wait to sit back with a cup of coffee and and catch upon you all.

  16. Ze zijn weer prachtig geworden Deb, daar gaat de nieuwe eigenaar heel trots op zijn. Ik ben trouwens erg nieuwsgierig geworden naar het huis waar deze schaatsjes naartoe gaan. Fijne dag, Nolda.

  17. Hi Debora,
    The precision in yopur work is amazing. they are beautiful and very well done.
    Great job!
    All the best,

  18. These are absolutely wonderful and amazingly realistic. I thought they were full-size at first!!!

  19. Great Photos and a great post. I love your craftsmanship.

  20. Beautifult skates! You made a great job! The pics are so nice!


  21. such lovely detail!

    from Tyla @


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