not 2, not 3 or 4.. but 5 winners!!!

Today it's the 18th of December and the unicorn/narwhal give-away has come to an end!

It has been really wonderful to read what inspired you lot. Going through each and every's comment, all so different from the other, most responses were sort of personal (children, family history or childhood memories) and trying to make a selection in that... ? I'd come to realize it's not easy to pick a winner. It feels the force that drives us, although so varied, is just as big for every one of us.

I would like to mention just a few though. Cockerina came up with a real unicorn. Have you all seen her link? Who could ever dream of that?! It made me laugh out loud :D Some i could relate to as they are a big force in myself as well. Anneke mentioned nature's ability to create miniatures that leaves us in awe. And Josje mentioned the visual world around us that, if one's sensitive enough, can really touch you and have an effect on you.

But like I said, maybe those forces are too specific, too personal? You could say the same bout people that inspire, but there was one that really stood out for me. And that was Edward Lutyens, mentioned by Simon. 

As an architect in England at the early 20th Century he developed his own original style. He was also known for his childlike imaginative spirit, and he kept that all his live, even at a very old age. I think, reading all your comments, most miniaturists can relate? 

Like Simon mentioned, he has accomplished the build of one of the most amazing dolls houses, that of Queen Mary. Over a period of three years they commissioned over 1,500 of the finest artists and craftsmen to make the most stunning miniatures. 

Imagine that something as big would be commissioned today? What a boost that would be, what that would mean for the standard of quality, asked of all makers involved? I think it would push miniature making to a new level... And I believe it did just that, at that time, when this gigantic house was build. It inspired builders to make that extra step, that extra effort and bring out the best in them selfs. To make this house, to fill this house, fit for a Queen. And Lutyens was the one guiding that process.

Forgive me if I'm drifting here, it just gets me so enthusiastic :) Now... as for the winners;
Simon! For sharing Edward Lutyens and his amazing achievement, with us. You wanted # 4, 5 or 6.

Let's see what the draw will leave you;
The first I pulled was Josje, HUH?  She wanted #6. I talk bout picking you for your comment but didn't. And now you pop up...
Second was -no joke! Again? this is weird!? - Cokerina, #1. I know, i said 2 winners, but this is fun! Im writing as I'm drawing :) What weird thing will happen next?
Third was Heather. You wanted #1 or 2, so you'll get #2.
Then I pulled someone who wanted a number already given, so for the last...
Finally Lotte, #1 or #3. As #1 is already given you'll get #3.

That leaves #4 and 5. One for Simon and one for keeps.

Sorry for those who missed out, but thank you all for participating!  Congrats to all who won. Please contact me so you can receive your petit gift.


  1. Thank you for the draw and congrats to the winners.

  2. Hi Debora, thank you so much I am thrilled and shocked all at once. I really didn't expect to be picked and had just enjoyed the oppertunity to ramble on about things that interest me. I am over the moon!! I shall post pictures of my wonderful prize as soon as I get my Library built.
    Thank you again, I am so pleased.
    Simon x

  3. I am truly shocked too! As it is still the 17th here in California!

    So honored and I loved reading everyones inspirations.

    Thank you!

  4. Los ganadores han tenido mucha suerte.
    Un abrazo

  5. My God! Deborah, but then the unicorn really bring good luck? I can not believe I won! I am so excited and happy! You have made a wonderful Christmas for me! my hut sparkle of magic now!
    thank you so much!
    in my second last post:

    I wrote that the rain brings good luck to me and my family .... an extraordinary thing has happened yet, today, and it's raining! ha ha!
    Oh my God, I still can not believe ... :)))

    I send you an email with my address.
    kisses from Italy

  6. felicidades a los ganadores y feliz navidad a todos!

  7. Oh wow! I am a bit dumbfounded really, I never expected to win! But so very happy I did, thank you!
    I had just been telling a friend how I love getting gifts which are handmade by someone. Coincidence?

    I really enjoyed your little talk on Sir Edward Lutyens, how when people are inspired by someone or something it can take them to extraordinary levels of craftsmanship and art. It reminds me of a post I did three years ago about modern art in the Petronella Oortman dolls house. The museum's director Wim Pijbes expressed a wish for a dolls house filled with the finest modern art in miniature. I would love to see that happen. See old post here (in Dutch)

    Thank you Debora, I will send you an email!

  8. Congratulations to the lucky winner. Thank you for the chance.
    Hugs and Merry Christmas

  9. Congrats to the lucky winners! Thanks for having the drawing Debora!

  10. Felicidades a todos los ganadores, y Felices Fiestas, besos.

  11. Congratulations to all the winner ,it's really a pleasure to have one of this pieces!!! Jeannette

  12. I'm so excited and can't believe I have won. :) I think you got my mail earlier.

    Hugs, Lotte

  13. Congratulations to all winners. Thank you for your generous wonderful chance.
    Hugs from Craftland
    Merry Christmas

  14. Congratulatioins for the lucky winners! And thank you for making such a fine giveaway!
    Hugs, Sandra

  15. congratulations to the winners! And ofcourse thank you Debora for doing this wonderfull

  16. Congratulations to the winners! And thank you for making such wonderfully special prizes available and thinking of such a thought provoking theme. It's been interesting to read what everyone has to say.

  17. Enhorabuena a las ganadoras y gracias a ti por darnos la oportunidad.
    besitos ascension

  18. Felicidades a las ganadoras, y a ti gracias por permitirnos participar.Un beso

  19. Congratulation for all winners. You are lucky.
    Kisses Kati


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