clearing out the dead

Stumbled onto this weird thing...

...while I was clearing the garden out of dead plant rests. I was taken by the dead Hydrangea flowers that had blown under some shrubs and spend the winter there. The cells between the veins had decaded and left an intricate pattern. I loved the look of it and took some pics. Enlarging them on the p.c. i spotted this weird twist of nature.


  1. Whau, sometimes nature is a bit scary!! Amazing photo.

  2. that is so strange, I never expected to see a skull there

  3. Thanks for your replies, it is a bit funny, no? They say you can spot a man's face on the surface of the moon too :-) Wonder what else is in store... faces in the bark of trees... ? noses protruding from carrots... ? I'm off to search for more!


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