IGMA Guild School 2010, Castine, Maine

I know it's been a while... but preparations for Guild School 2010 started in early spring and other stuff kept me from posting. Still my computer is not coping with Blogger but hey... it's a start. Out of the more then 350 pictures I took, I have made a selection to give you all an impression of the most fantastic experience for a long long time.....

(know you can enlarge the pics by clicking on them)

What a start.... I had never flown before so I felt like a kid in a rollarcoaster...so coooool!

Cape Cod, we were getting close....

...to the Academie where all was about to happen.

"Fabulous mix of eclectic food and people inside"

The lovely view from the dormer room....
onto the tranquil little seaside town of Castine.

What a gorgeous little place to be
and a magnificent setting for what was about to commence

Guild School 2010

As I came in early I had time to stroll the village. I was warned to do so, cos the program gave us all little time for leisure. And it sure did.... Breakfast, class, lunch, class, diner, and then a big sigh to take it all in hahaha. And then off to evening seminars etc... When I looked trough my pics, there are hardly any of the classes that I did... I was so concentrated that I forgot to make pictures.... ooh stupid me.... But nothing was wasted. Every second left was filled with funny and/or interesting conversations with other students and teachers, or intense analysis of the magnificent miniatures that were around. Surrounded by the best of the best.... Take a look at these;

I took two classes; one given by Bill Robertson and one by Alan Hamer. Bill showed us how to do dovetails in this scale. He made it look so easy, but believe me... I gotto practice, practice and practice. And then practice even more. On the side line he helped us out to make our own planes... which I think is extremely valuable for the future. What a bonus! Bill has so much knowledge and skills... All the little tricks of the trade that he showed us... amazing how little I actually know and can do... ooh well, just started. If I am able too I'll surely try to follow future classes by him.

Overview of the spacious classroom

And the result of Bill's class; a basic chest with dovetailed joints.

My other class was forching with Alan Hamer. I feel very fortunate to have been there, as it was his last class ever at Castine. He was about to retire but will continue with teaching in his hometown in Oregon. The first few days he showed us the technique and then he lett us all loose..... :) In contrast to the delicate aproch needed towards wood, we hamerd away and set fire to the metal. It was so much fun. And it is such a forgiving material... if it's bend... just bend it back :-) Now how that for a beginner like me! I Love it!!

Great atmosphere, great class mates, and stunning results, with everybody!!

The starting point was a sign hanger, but some adjusted the design to their likings, made a basket for woodblocks or even an extra pendant with their own initials.

It's over, it's done and it's been a steep steep learning curve. And I've met the most amazing people there. From the first minute up untill the very last moment. Friendly, joyful, willing to share there knowledge and most of all, the fact that we all love miniatures! It’s only now that I truly understand why people return there year after year… If I can I'll do so as well, but I gotto save up for it. Save up really hard for it... That's why I want to thank the Scholarship Comity again for picking me... and thus giving me the opportunity to experience IGMA's Guild School 2010. I find it hard to express in words how much this has meant to me, and still does. So, to all, a big, big


p.s.. Bill, thx for the coffee you had on offer! I doubt if I could have functioned without it :-))


  1. OMG sounds like heaven.... I shall never be able to go but thank you, thank you very much for showing a bit of your trip. I'll wait to see your works, Rosanna

  2. You chose wisely for classes! Your chest looks very nice as does your sign.

    Taking a class from Alan Hamer at his home in Oregon is fun. I went there a few years ago for some individual tutorial time. He built himself a very tiny little backyard workshop that is a real jewel. Eugene Oregon is a lovely college town on a river.

    Thank you for the photos, they are very interesting. Castine looks much like Fort Worden in Port Townsend, WA. Both former Victorian era military bases on the coast with small towns nearby. Both of them now host art classes and art events and have hostels and rooms for rent.

  3. Wat een prachtige foto's en onwijs stoer dat je dit mee hebt kunnen maken! Mooie stukken heb je gemaakt en het lijkt me te gek om al die technieken te leren van de besten der beste.

    Geniet er nog maar lekker van na.

    groetjes Evelien

  4. @ Rosanna, Why not apply for a scholarship, if money is what keeps you from going? Good change... I did, and thank God for that. Whatever happens, they can't this experience away from me XD

    @ Karin, Thanks. The combination of classes worked very well indeed. Learned soooo much. You're fortunate to have been at Alan's. He's Magic with metal. And brings humor into his work as well!

    Evelien, Ja stoer hé? 't was echt TOP. Les van de beste is ge-wel-dig... zoals ik al zei; ik ga zeker proberen meer lessen te volgen. Rommelen aan je werkbankje is 1 ding, maar je leert zo enorm veel in zo'n korte periode. Iemand zei; " het is als drinken uit een brandweerslang" en dat is een mooie vergelijking!

  5. Debbie! Thank you!! This is a magnificent virtual experience . Perhaps the students need t be of a certain standard? Surely these courses are rather advance? The artisan's pieces blow my mind. I love your chest.

  6. Geweldig dat je bij de quild school bent geweest. Mooie foto's en het lijkt mij heerlijk om les te krijgen van vakkundige miniaturisten.
    Om daar een keer hen te gaan staat op mij dromenlijstje want of ik er ooit zal komen????
    Geniet maar lekker na.

    geroetjes Natascha

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Oooh, wat geweldig voor je Debora!!!

    Zo te zien heb je een waanzinnige tijd gehad en heel veel bijgeleerd! In mijn ogen was je al een topper hoor! Prachtige foto's ook, met zo veel inspiratie.


    P.S.ik heb je mail adres niet meer en ik heb iets wat ik je nog steeds wil toesturen.


  9. Vanmorgen vertelde Sab me over je quild school avontuur, ik had de blog gemist dus een beetje late reaktie.
    Maar wat gaaf!!!!
    Fantastische digen heb je gemaakt, maar vooral de ervaring lijkt me gigantisch.
    Groetjes Sylvia

  10. Thanks everyone, I am still enjoying the after time.
    What ever happens in the future, they can't take away this :)

    One of the most fun loving aspects of the whole trip was the fact that every body was into mini's. No one needed to explain, all understood the passion of the other. For instance, when we queued up for diner you could hear parts of conversations, not about children or work, but something like this.
    "... the stain can be applied before assembling, because..."
    "... so I took a piece of wire to stick in between, that way I kept a margin for..."
    "...she used that other router bit, which worked quit well!It came out realy nice..."

    The exchange of knowledge.... was awesome. Jet, the overall feeling is that the more I learned, the more I realized how little I actually know whaha.


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