2 reasons to do a little dance

I am so happy, that's such a good feeling at the start of 2010 ;-)) The reasons are these;

First of all there is the fact that Roberta is nr 100 to follow this blog. Welcome Roberta! Go and look for the cats that pop-up here and there on her blog ;-)

I must apologise for not welcoming all previous followers, so WELCOME to everybody who comes to visit here!!! But it feels a bit ambivilant to celebrate this number. On one hand; this blog is not about numbers, I am not out here to get as much followers as possible. At some communities (Hyves, facebook etc.) it seems to be all about the number of friends you have; the more the better and I hate that, I realy do! On the other hand it is nice to notice that you folks out there find my blog nice enough to follow. It feels like some sort of confirmation that the things I make have some quality and are worth to look at. It boosts my confidence and makes me want to continue on this path of quality rather than quantity, so thank you all.

The second reason to do a dance and shout Hurray! is Madelva. The editor of Miniaturas asked me late 2009 if they could do some articles about my miniatures. And yesterday I got the first issue's in wich they were posted!!! It showed again what a loss it is that this magazine is hard to get by in the Netherlands. Great pictures and I feel proud to be seen next to some awsome artists that are featured.

They did one about the kitchen of Nolda's house. I made drawings of the cabinets and explained how it was build up. The article looks great! I hope it will inspire.

The second one they did was about the interiour of the house itself. Lots and lots of pics, spread out over several pages. It is so weird to see your own work like this but it makes me so proud as well!!! Is there any better way to start 2010!?


  1. Yoohoo! I'm doing a little dance for you too. Congratulations on the 100th follower and also the beautiful articles in the spanish magazine!!! You really deserve this recognition.

    Is there a way to get the magazine in Holland? I always like the things they feature, but have never seen in in stores.

    groetjes Evelien

  2. Debora,is it January or February issue? I 'll be able to buy it in Milan at Miniaturitalia and I so badly it ! it's teasing to look at it through a screen. Congratulations Rosanna

  3. Congratulations Debby! Your work is certainly worth looking at as I think you are one of the MOST talented miniaturists in Holland, and Europe!
    All credit to you, for it is your work, your drawings, and your photographs which make up most of the article!

  4. thank you for this wonderful corner that fascinates us all!
    y. .. many congratulations on the publication of your dollhouse and miniatures in the magazine. Really is very good new to start 2010, and no doubt you deserve it.
    very congratulations!!!

  5. PS My Dad asked me to pay you the most heartfelt compliments for the quality of your work. He is a former naval models builder and he was delighted at watching your furniture. Today we spent quite a bit of time mouthopened staring at your worksand they are really faultless. Thank you for sharing Rosanna

  6. I have the Spanish magazine and I have seen your pictures. Congratulations!!! It is a wonderful kitchen!

  7. Evelien, You are so right, it's a shame we can't buy it overhere. But we could get a subscription on it ofcourse ;-)

    The spanisch minature scene seems to be boosting. The shows in Madrid, under the auspicus of Tom Bishop have mouthwatering exhibiters. I know some bloggers here who have had tables there, and they were of a very high standard. For instance Maria Bryton (although Portugees)from 'Perfect Miniatures on my mind'. Go check her out, I don't know how to make a link here, but she is in my list of favorites.

    Rosanna, I checked the cover and the first few pages and found January 2010, Año 15, number 145. And Thanks, to your dad aswell. It seems that he's passed his mini-virus onto you ;-)

  8. Dear Deborah, Congratulations on being published! I think the pictures are great. But I will love to see more too.

  9. Josje, You've been in the media a lot, to me it's new, weird in a way. You know how much I love the seclution of my workbench. So it feels somewhat odd. Like i have been cloned or something haha Thanks for boosting me up (in the past)! If yóu, with your skills and talent says so I won't question it ;-)

    Juanín, what a nice metaphor (this little corner) to describe bloggin. If I may, I'll use that in the future. And thanks for your kind words.

    Eva, you lucky girl! We Dutch can't buy it off the shellf around here, only subscriptions make it available. Although I cant read spanisch, the pictures are wonderful It's a great magazine to read (or view!)

  10. Wooohooo....congratulations. What a wonderful achievement for you....and well deserved...you minis are amazing.

  11. Congratulations Debora, I'm so glad for you! But as the others say, very well deserved, your interiors are fantastic, it's almost unbelievable they are miniatures! And I would also love to see more detailed photos!

  12. Congratulations Debora on being published. What a wonderful start to the new year..xx

  13. Congratulations to you! I am making a happy little dance right now on my chair!
    I entirely agree with you about the number of friends on Facebook.I've been there for a few years now and I just have less than 60 friends there.It is enough...I need quality, not quantity!
    But it is also true about the followers we have on our blogs, it does boost our confidence a lot. I don't think I have read somebody write about it like you do with so much honesty.
    I love it!
    Back to the happy dance again!!!!

  14. Well deserved, Debora. The articles are wonderful, and your work is amazing, as usual.


  15. Sans, I must apologise for letting you down, I did promise to show you the inside of the house on this blog. That will be the first thing I'll do here :-)
    Tallulah, Thanks!
    pubdoll, as promised! But first we will be skating this afternoon in the fields behind our house ;-)
    Debbie, Thanks, I hope this year will bring you lots of good health, as your experience at the end of 2009 was quit scary
    Patricia, I hoped (knew ?) more peolple would share this point of view, I find blogging a weird thing... I read a lot, realy a lot, but not always find it nessecary to express my honoust thoughts on a posting. Or find an original comment. And commenting for the sake of it....
    Paloma, The editors at Miniaturas make a wonderfull magazine. It's great that miniaturists are given a stage fot their creations and that other people can be inspired by their magazine and the content.

  16. Hoi Debby,
    Gefeliciteerd, het is een prachtig artikel geworden en het is ook een heel mooi blad!
    Ik weet nog hoe ik liep te huppelen als een klein meisje Toen mijn spullen erin stonden, dus weet precies hoe je je voelt! Geniet ervan en het is verdiend !!!!!
    Groetjes Sylvia

  17. Jaah, dat weet ik nog, ik vond het te gek dat je zolder erin stond. Je hebt dus wel een ideetje welk dansje ik heb gedaan ;-))

    > 3 maal in de rondte van je hop sa sa <


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