a rainbow of colors

Maybe you're familiar with the problem.

You have some embroideryfloss wound on some cardboard, and stored in a box. An old friend of yours does some clearing and she thinks you would like to have her floss. So she gives her box to you. Now you have two boxes. In time you buy some new floss but the boxes are full so a new one is quickly found, and then you have three boxes. And they look somthing like this...? If so, read further because ther's a sollution haha

I had the intension to do something about it and had even bought some special storageboxes that came with the bobbins to wind the floss upon. But the prospect of that tedious job of winding.... As ill-luck would have it a back injury has made me more or less immobile, so there was no more excuse to set this job aside.

It took some time and effort, but now it's far more easier to select your colors. By number or by choise, in an instant your done. And its a true pleasure to feast your eye upon the boxes! A rainbow in miniature.

There's still work to be done, but I am out of bobbins. 200 Done and I guess I need another hundred to finish it all, but doesn't it look great already!

Here are some more rainbows that I've spotted. There all around us ;-)


  1. Debby, you are going to love your floss stored like that. I have been doing just that for about 20 years. I have mine in number order like the color card since it is all DMC. It works great.

  2. I love it too. Firstly, its organised , 2ndly its tidy and neat but most importantly, its pretty. I just store mine in the box they came with (always buy them in boxes since its cheaper that way.

  3. I love doing the organizing thing( I have lots of floss too)! It looks really great like that and the rainbows pictures are nice to see!

    groetjes evelien

  4. Casey, do I hear an expert? Already I'm picking the fruits of my labor and wondering why I didn't use this methode before... silly me haha

    Sans, true! Its soooo pretty!

    Evelien, organizing is rewarding, in many ways

    Thanks for your comments, its so nice to share my enthusiasm for this. It might not be important to most people, but this little job gives me so much pleasure. Every now and then I open the lid and have peek...


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