During our holiday we visted the museum of Henk Helmantel, a dutch realist. I'm quite fond of his style and technique, which has a long tradition among painters from (not just) the Netherlands. If interested you can check out this (dutch) page about local artists. Just click on the names in the list on the righthand.

I took a few leaflets home and made some appropriate frames for them.

'rowanberry branch' by Rob MØhlman,
and 'Arjans first slippers' by Henk Helmatel
Aren't they so cute!? It was this picture that brought the idea to my mind to use them in 1:12. Just looking at them makes me smile ;-))


  1. Debby, I love the paintings and the frames. Great photo of the one with the grape for scale!

  2. Geweldig Debby,het is prachtig en je lijstjes zijn super mooi passend,ik moet er ook van glimlachen!

    Je naaidoosje en schaartje is ook prachtig,lekker om zo verrast te worden!
    Geniet er maar lekker van!

  3. ....what wonderful little pictures...


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