First of all I like to thank everybody that has found my blog interresting enough to follow. It's a system that I was not familiar with, and so was the attendant etiquette. So to all of you; a warm warm Welkom! It has huge advantages as well . Stroling arround your blogs you get to see other peoples favorites and thus a world of magic opens up. I used to blog on a dutch provider (I still do) but it's amazing to see how many talented and gifted people are out there and use their imagination to create a miniature world of their own. If it wasn't for the internet, hurray!

The only thing I find a bit strange is that I can't find a searchplatform or something like that where you can search on the name of a blog for instance. The only way I have found is via your own dashboard where you can click on your labels of interest, and other related blogs appear. Did I miss something?

Blogger on the whole does a bit strange on our peecee. Sometimes I can't react on postings or some blogs don't even open. (?) For instance; Minna's doll world. Sorry Minna, I have found that a bit upsetting but I guess I'm just no wizzkid. Cleared my cash etc... I'll find a way!

Anyway, on to something more cheerful now. And to stick with the theme of the welkomsign; Nature. Or more specific; Nature's baby. All living things start there lives as a baby and, as you all know, are a tiny version of the real thing. And guess what I have found on our Dutch beach... babyshells!
Some years ago I discoverd them between the big ones. And eversince that time, evry now and then, you can find me lying on the shore, face down, fumbling, fiddling and picking away. And... beeing stared at by passersby :-)

I don't care, nature gives us these baby's and therefor a change to create mini's out of them. Such as the toppicture or header of this blog which is a compilation of what can be found on the shores of the Noord Sea. Or... with some twigs to simulate driftwood something like this this picture below. And with no effort at all! just for free!


  1. hi debbie, i mostly find i get lost in reading others fave lbogs & am fascinated at that whole other world out there! i have only used the dashboard to search for specific topics. the thing i am mostly confused with is where to leave comments, so i am now trying to first reply to themon my own blog??? i love shells, and i too am to be found face down on the shore. did u see my post of the beauties i found on the isle of skye? i love also what you did with them, i am mid making things with driftwood & will post v soon.

  2. Hoi Debby,aan mij moet je ook niks vragen hoor,snap er soms ook de ballen niet van,haha!

    Ik hoef tegenwoordig niet meer naar het strand voor inimini schelpjes,maar hier aan de overkant naar het park. Ze hebben daar een speeltuin,met heel veel zand en raad eens wat...? Het zit vol met kleine schelpjes! DUS ik lig met mijn neus in het zand in de speeltuin en die moeders maar denken,haha!


  3. My studio is located 100 steps to the beach and there are lots of tiny shells, infant death crabs and more. Every day I comb for beach glass, mixed among the newly broken pieces I can find those lovely old tumbled bits. Today was the best find so far, a little, brown, glass rectangle that had raised letters on it spelling "sit" followed by a small star. A message from sea sprites?

  4. Aah, were not alone. all you folks out there do the same! Even Sabiha, who dives into the sandpit that the local kids play at. Haha Good to know, and yes! there's more to be found that just shells; all kinds of little gems.


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