It's been a while and life's been busy but now... I'm back in gear. In miniature gear. I've had the most wonderful summer I could wish for, cos I've been to the Guild School in Castine, for the second time.

As you can see it's the most inspiring place with mouth dropping pieces to admire and aspire (klick on each pic to enlarge to see way more detail).

I've tried to avoid the mistake I'd made the first time. And that was getting caught up in all the activities and attention consuming classes; I completely forgot to take pictures then. This time I took my camera out the minute i got into class, only to find it buried under all kinds of paperwork and materials in the end... Ooh well, at least i've tried. Klick here to see some more. Especially the exhibition pieces were marvelous!

For instance these gorgeous little nest of Nantucket baskets made by Keiko Takahashi who was a fellow scholarship student of me last year. This year she received her Artisan submitting these. Isn't that a great job!

And the carved furniture that Ann High submitted to gain Fellow status really blew me away. The execution and detailing in each and every piece is amazing and really something to aspire. That's why I started on a new piece to carve, but i'll save that for later.

The classes i took were real fun. I've learned so much and had such fun with all fellow students. All the teacher were very patient with us. Bonni Back taught us how to weave narrow ribbon. I wish I knew how to do that when I was working on the skates I've made! And I took a class with Pete Aquisto, making a silver porringer. That was new to me and lot's of fun. Also new was turning acrylic with Rob Tuckham. Now that was a real surprise! The outcome turned out way better then I could ever imagine.

I've met the most wonderful people and Guild School proved (again) an amazing experience; all in all it was a week to remember.


  1. I can hardly believe what I see. Fantastic work. I can understand you've had a great experience.

  2. Net al je foto's bekeken, prachtig en wat bijzonder dat je daar weer geweest bent. Ben wel benieuwd wat die gekleurde buisjes zijn (die o.a. ook voor de doosjes liggen)?

  3. Sounds like you had the most wonderful time. :)

    Those minis are incredible! :)

    I remember the skates.

  4. Debora what a wonderfull experience(again!)...and all those new skills that you learned overthere. I can imagine it was the perfect summer for you.
    Thanks for shareing

  5. That’s why we didn’t see you in Tune. Well I had a suspicion because I spotted your table in one of the photoalbums published after the end of Guild School. I hope to get a class with Ann High next year. Have fun, Niels

  6. It was lovely meeting you at Castine, just wish we had more time to talk a bit. I agree, Castine is just an awesome experience and I plan to go again next year. It was great to see your wonderful table for real!!!!!

  7. The photos show how wonderful your time must have been,thanks for sharing them. The pieces of the artist are magnificent ! Jeannette

  8. @ Mona, believe me, it's real, it's all real what you see.
    @ Chris, dat zijn "vaasjes" gedraaid van acryl. Het stelt gekleurd geblazen glas voor als je het zo dun mogelijk weet te draaien. Hopelijk zullen, nu je dit weet, de (actie-)foto's je wat meer zeggen?
    @ Dale, how can we not enjoy those marvelous miniatures? It was amazing!
    @ Jeffry, like you i can fully enjoy workshops and classes. You are so right; each time you learn new skills and discover what's possible if you just set your mind to it.
    @ Niels, How was it in Tune??? You haven't posted about it, but it must have been a great trip!? Oooh, a class with Ann High... who knows we could meet up in one of her classes? That would be fun. She doesn't teach in Tune, does she?
    @ Elga, Yes, we came short on time but you know what they say; time flies when you are having fun :-) Your pieces were gorgeous, so pretty and sharp.
    @ Jeanette, some people said to me it's like the miniature show in Chicago, you see nothing but the best of the best.


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