daylight bulbs vs the sun

There is lightning available that represent the whole spectrum of wavelengths that makes up for daylight. If you can get your hands on one of those, please give them a try cos they are really a great buy. Great to get you through the winter when daylight is spare. Or just when you feel the need for that little bit extra. I've used them often.

It's just recently I've found myself struggling with them. Only the intensity of daylight seems to be sufficient enough to do something miniature. Am I deteriorating... whahaha!? I guess my eyes are just no good enough anymore to cope with the strength those bulb provide, especially with carving. I've really tried but I'm preferring our sun now...

Now how lucky am I? It's this time of the year the season will make for longer and longer days! And the weather forecast for tomorrow here is sunny and 22˚C.... Yhippy. So to all living in the Netherlands; Enjoy! And to everybody, have a great weekend.


  1. Oh, I've been there Debbie! A few years ago I started to notice I couldn't see so clear when working on my miniatures. I was quite alarmed as my eyesight was always very good. I went to the optometrist and told him about my problem. He said 'May I ask how old you are?' I think I was 44 then. He said 'Ooooh, it's just an age problem then.' Haha. Thank you! I now have HEMA reading glasses everywhere in the house and in my handbags.
    Nothing beats natural sunlight, but those daylight lamps are fantastic.
    It's my son's birthday tomorrow, so no miniature making outside, but I'm sure we'll have a wonderful day. Aren't we lucky to get temperatures like that the beginning of April?
    The table is looking great! Have a lovely weekend Debbie!

  2. Thanks Josje. Yes it will be a bright and sunny day tomorrow. Maybe even "Rokjes Dag"? Well, that has nothing to do with your son :-) Congratulations! Have a great day tomorrow & enjoy the celebration of his birthday!!
    ps. It's good to know it's just an age thing. And we're not alone, like you my hubby has numerous specs laying around .... (smile)

  3. Same problem here...and it's my job :o(
    I'm lucky because being shortsighted I simply take off my glasses and have macro near vision but I need more and more light. Happy days when I could stitch with a wee single bulb. Your carving is precious, the table will be fabulous! Rosanna

  4. There is no substitute for real daylight! I remember trying to embroider by artificial light.... even in my teen years I could not tell the colors accurately! And now I have progressed to the prescription glasses.... from once perfect eyesight :( But at least I have good glasses!
    Your carving is Beautiful and inspiring! No wonder you want to wait for sunlight... I would not want to make a mistake in dim light!!

  5. Fantastisch, echt prachtig!!
    En de Hema brilletjes en lamp helpen mij ook door de miniaturen heen, hi, hi
    Groetjes Sylvia

  6. Guess what? Good news/bad news. The gas in those full spectrum light bulbs changes color and gets weaker over time. It is time to replace the bulbs.

    1. Thank you so much for shedding your light onto that! I never knew ;) Now I'll be paying extra attention too that and if I notice any difference with our Sun, i'll replace it. Thanks!

  7. Ah, glasses. I have got to the point where I have to have a set in every room. You get used to them so quickly!
    We have had a couple of gorgeous Spring Days in England but today we were back in Autumn.....bring on the sunshine, please!

  8. Je trouve aussi que c'est à la lumière du jour qu'on voit le mieux. C'est aussi sous les rayons du soleil que les meubles prennent leur couleur la plus chaude et la plus brillante. Soleil ou pas, cette petite table promet d'être magnifique!


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