The element of numbers

I mentioned the reign of King Winter was under attack.

At first just a few brave scouts popped up. One or two lonely snowdrops showed their face... But temperatures remained low.

I guess Nature thought: "f you ain't big, you've gotta be smart." Cos it seems she used a well proofed warefare tactic. The so-called attack by numbers.

Now all over the garden huge clumps of snowdrops pop up in an attempt to force back King Winter. Will it work? Will King Winter be defeated or are other tactics such as the element of surprise needed as well?

To be continued......


  1. So lovely,detailed pictures,great to rebuild the snowdrops in miniature :-)!But also give us the feeling of spring.I hate the winter and every little flower makes me happy in my garden.So thank you for sharing this pictures with us;-)!Jeannette

  2. Beautiful pictures - Winter will soon fall and make way for the reign of bright Spring -thank u for sharing ^_^

  3. early morning here and the blackbird sings on top of our roof like it was his first song, the tomtits join in, even the little wren and now I can hear the sounds of spring!

    A mishmash of songs but it strangely enough sounds rehearsed. As I type this I realize it actually ís rehearsed....Nature had thousand of years to practice, and I love the way it sounds :-)


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